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On Thursday, April 28, 2016, at approximately 8:30 a.m., a planned system fail-over test will result in delayed or missing data on the GOES, SPSD and OSPO web sites. Please see the outage message, which indicates that the duration is approximately 5.5 hours, and watch for additional information.

Image Enhancement Information


Abbreviation File Label Enhancement Descriptions:
AVN TXT AVN Aviation color enhancement
BD TXT Dvorak Dvorak enhancement - used for Tropical Classifications with the Dvorak Technique
FT TXT Funktop Funktop enhancement - developed by Ted Funk to highlight intense areas of precipitation
JSL TXT JSL JSL2 enhancement - developed by Jim Lynch to bring out low level and high level clouds in tropical cyclones
IR2 TXT Shortwave (IR2) Channel 2 Shortwave Infrared imagery - Shortwave, sometimes considered "night visible" used with standard sectors.
IR2T TXT Shortwave (IR2) Channel 2 Shortwave Infrared imagery - Alternate enhancement used with Tropical imagery floaters.
IR2F TXT Fire (IR2) IR Channel 2 with the standard fire enhancement to show hot spot activity
IR2H TXT Fire Hot IR Channel 2 with enhancemnet for the hot summer season
IR2W TXT Fire Winter IR Channel 2 with enhancement for the cool winter season
IR4   None Unenhanced Channel 4 Infrared Imagery
RB TXT Rainbow Rainbow enhancement curve - Colorful enhancement for a pretty image
RBTOP TXT Rainbow New variation on the Rainbow enhancement curve - Colorful enhancement
RGB   RGB Combination of Visible and IR using a three channel technique to form a Red/Green/Blue false color image.
VIS   Visible Unenhanced Visible imagery that usually transitions to IR2 overnight
WV TXT Water Vapor IR Channel 3
WVB TXT Water Vapor IR Channel 3, alternate "Blue" hued version


TXT File: This file contains the brightness or brighness temperature (IR4 only) breakpoints in "Brightness-Blue-Green-Red" format as used with the McIDAS EU command to generate some of the enhanced images on our web sites. Not all of our images use an enhancement.