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NESDIS Operational Blended Rain Rate Product

The blended rain rate (RR) product is produced hourly by blending together recent rain rate retrievals from passive microwave instruments on six polar-orbiting satellites, including POES NOAA-18, NOAA-19 and Metop-A, and also DMSP F16, F17 and F18. The blended RR eliminates the bias between those data sets and provides a unified, meteorologically significant rain rate field for satellite analysts and weather forecasters. The product is generated with the latest 12 hours worth of rain rate retrievals from multi-satellites/algorithms and output with a Mercator projection with 16-km resolution at the equator. The product is converted into McIDAS format for NESDIS satellite analysts and is subset into 4 AWIPS regions (Super National, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico) for NWS forecasters.

Blended Rain Rate Example Details on the algorithm can be found at Algorithm Description.