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GOES-13 Sounder IR data is not available. All products from GOES-13 (GOES-East) Sounder IR data have been halted and distribution has been stopped except the Sounder ASOS SCP products for CONUS, which are replaced with GOES-East Imager ASOS SCP products for CONUS. Engineers are investigating the problem.

NOAA/NESDIS Surface and Precipitation Product Comparisons

Yesterday's Results
F15 Ascending TPW NOAA-15 Ascending Snow Cover

Featured Comparison: F15 TPW (left) from SSMI versus NOAA-15 TPW (right) from AMSU The AMSU instrument is able to see similar features and provide better coverage via a wider swath For more information please read about the algorithms used at the NESDIS Office of Research and Applications Microwave Products site.


Other Product Comparisons
Total Precipitable Water
Cloud Liquid Water
Rain Rate
Snow Cover
Sea Ice