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Software patch DO.06.03.00 has structural changes to products on the GOES Rebroadcast (GRB)

Software patch DO.06.03.00 has structural changes to EXIS, SEISS, and MAG products on the GOES Rebroadcast (GRB). The Work Requests and Algorithm Discrepancy Report numbers are listed below. This patch has been coordinated through the GRB User Group and with the Community Satellite Processing Package for Geostationary Data (CSPP) Geo program. The Product Definition Users Guide Volume 4 was updated and Version 1.2 reflects the changes made in the patch. Test files in NetCDF format are available through the GRB User Group Chairman by Email:

The CSPP Geo program is planning to release a patch for the CSPP Geo GRB software Wednesday, June 13, 2018. CSPP Geo users who process EXIS, SEISS and MAG products will have to synchronize applying the CSPP Geo software change with the OSPO's cutover to the DO.06.03.00 software, since the CSPP Geo change will not be backward compatible with the current EXIS, SEISS and MAG products. CSPP Geo users who do not process EXIS, SEISS and MAG products will not need to apply the CSPP Geo patch at all, as generation of products from other instruments will not be affected.

WR# ADR# Instrument Product Product
4598 355 EXIS EUVS X X various Removed _Unsigned attribute.
Changed Data Types to unsigned:
ushort, ubyte, uint, uint64
5097 447 EXIS EUVS X X avgIrradiance*
Changed units from
"W m-2 nm-1" to "W m-2".
3568 183 EXIS EUVS X X euvscQualityFlags Changed "max_num_EUVS_C_
dimension from unlimited to 10.
4080 149 EXIS EUVS X X euvscActiveChannel Added variable. Changed "quality
Flags" DQF Flag
Meanings to "unused":
- EUVS_C_channel_1_primary_
- EUVS_C_channel_2_secondary_
5141 459 EXIS EUVS X X qualityFlag Corrected typo (135.5nm corrected
to 133.5nm, 3 occurrances).
5141 459 EXIS EUVS X X euvsbQualityFlags Changed "euvsbQualityFlags"
DQF Flag Meanings:
- from invalid_due_to_EUVS-B
, to degraded_due_to_EUVS-B_
5141 459 EXIS EUVS X X euvscQualityFlags Aligned with euvsaQualityFlags,
resulting in 3 "pointing" flags:
- invalid_due_to_out_of_
- degraded_due_to_uncalibrated_
- degraded_due_to_calibrated_but_
exceeds _requirements_EUVS-C_
pointing_qf Changed "degraded _
-C_L0 _data_checksum_error_qf
" to " invalid _due_to_EUVS-C_L0_
4399 281 EXIS EUVS   X various Changed "report_number" dimension
from 1 to unlimited.
5334 448 EXIS EUVS   X lowWavelengthLines
Added 2 static metadata-only variables,
dimension [7].
5688 543 EXIS EUVS   X au_factor
4719 366 EXIS EUVS   X avgIrradiance*
Added exclusion masks to 9 avgIrradiance*
and 2 avgRatioMg* variables.
4598 355 EXIS XRS X X various Remove _Unsigned attribute.
Change Data Types to unsigned:
ushort, ubyte, uint, uint64
5096 446 EXIS XRS X X irradiance_xrsa1
Added "based on a flat spectrum"
to long_name.
4598 355 EXIS XRS X X xrs_det_chg
Changed variable Data Type from
"short" to "uint32"/"uint".
Changed variable valid_range from
"1 65535" to "0 65535".
Changed variable _FillValue from
"0" to "4294967295" (2^32-1)
5688 543 EXIS XRS   X au_factor Changed valid_range from
"0.97594972 1.0167257"
to "0.966 1.035".
none none SEISS EHIS X   PEC_StartStopTime
Changed variable order in PUG
to match DO.06.03.00 product
software implmentation order.
4864 405 SEISS SGPS X X sgps_telemetry_time
Added variables:
- sgps_telemetry_time, dimension [2]
- sgps_sensor_temperature, dimension [2,4]
4759 395 MAG GEOF   X number_samples
Deleted unnecessary/confusing
variable; retained dimension


  1. Items are ordered in PUG Volume 4 (GRB) order)
  2. Highlighted WRs are applicable to multiple products or areas.