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Operational Calibration of the Imagers and Sounders
on the GOES-8 and -9 Satellites

Michael Weinreb, Michael Jamieson, Nancy Fulton, Yen Chen, Joy Xie Johnson,
James Bremer, Carl Smith, and Jeanette Baucom


This memorandum describes the calibration processing in the GOES I-M ground system as of the summer of 1996. Two years earlier, when the GOES-8 satellite was launched, the processing utilized a simpler algorithm. Contingency paths were available in the software to deal with likely data irregularities, but they were not being used. Now, the processing has been changed to overcome the effects of instrument problems, some anticipated and some not, that were revealed in orbit. As continued monitoring of the data exposes more subtle performance anomalies, and as aging hardware presents new problems, the processing will probably continue to evolve.

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