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Operational Calibration of the Imagers and Sounders
on the GOES-8 and -9 Satellites

Michael Weinreb, Michael Jamieson, Nancy Fulton, Yen Chen, Joy Xie Johnson,
James Bremer, Carl Smith, and Jeanette Baucom


The authors thank Roy Galvin of ITT and Edward Wack of MIT/Lincoln Laboratory for assistance with analyses of pre-launch test data; Brent Goddard of NOAA/NESDIS for assistance during check out and routine operations; Tim Schmit of the University of Wisconsin for computing the GVAR scaling coefficients; Donald Mack of Integral Systems, Inc., Marvin Maxwell and William Bryant, Jr. of Swales and Associates, Inc., and Opal Chen and John Gaiser of Space Systems/Loral for valuable advice; W. P. Menzel and C. R. N. Rao of NOAA/NESDIS for critical readings of the manuscript.

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