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MetOp-A ADCS Subsystem Summary

Component Status:

ANTENNAData Collection Subsystem - UHF Collection AntennaGreen
DPUData Collection Subsystem - Data Processing UnitGreen
DRUData Recovery UnitGreen
RECEIVERData Collection Subsystem Receiver and Search UnitGreen
RPUReceiver and Power UnitGreen
SPUSignal Processing UnitGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
10/24/201113:34:50 Recovery from PLSOL
10/22/201122:38:23 PLSOL Occurred
03/21/200814:25:00 PLSOL Recovery
03/19/200823:21:13 PLSOL occured
01/17/200816:23:00 PLSOL Recovery
01/16/200813:46:00 PLSOL occured
11/27/200715:43:00 ADCS was recovered back to Nominal Mode.
11/26/200718:27:00 ADCS Watch Dog Timeout occured caused by a double memory error. It is in safe mode.
09/17/200711:06:55 Turn on ADCS after autonomous turn off
09/17/200706:05:00 Data interruption due to autonomous payload switch off. Investigation and recovery underway.
05/22/200712:00:00RPUMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00SPUMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00RECEIVERMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00DRUMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00DPUMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00ANTENNAMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200700:00:00 MetOp-2 went operational