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MetOp-A AMSU-A1 Subsystem Summary

Component Status:

ANTENNAInstrument antennaGreen
CHANNEL 10Channel #10, 57290.344MHzGreen
CHANNEL 11Channel #11, 57290.344MHzGreen
CHANNEL 12Channel #12, 57290.344MHzGreen
CHANNEL 13Channel #13, 57290.344MHzGreen
CHANNEL 14Channel #14, 57290.344MHzGreen
CHANNEL 15Channel #15, 89.0 GHzGreen
CHANNEL 3Channel #3, 50300MHzGreen
CHANNEL 4Channel #4, 52800MHzGreen
CHANNEL 5Channel #5, 523596MHzGreen
CHANNEL 6Channel #6, 54400MHzGreen
CHANNEL 7Channel #7, 54940MHzYellow
CHANNEL 8Channel #8, 55500MHzGreen
CHANNEL 9Channel #9, 57290.344MHzGreen
GUN DIODE OSCGun Diode OscillatorGreen
PLLO1Phase lock loop oscillator side 1Green
PLLO2Phase lock loop oscillator side 2Green
RF MUXRadio Frequency multiplexerGreen
SIGNAL PROCESSORSignal ProcessorGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
10/23/201120:45:00 Recovery from PLSOL
10/22/201122:38:23 PLSOL Occurred
09/28/201107:24:00SIGNAL PROCESSORAMSUA1 parked at internal warm target to support maneuvers.
09/28/201107:24:00 AMSUA1 parked at internal warm target to support maneuvers.
09/20/201101:45:00SIGNAL PROCESSORAMSU-A1 Reactivation. Data outage: 28/09/11 07:24 to 29/09/11 01:45
09/20/201101:45:00 AMSU-A1 Reactivation. Data outage: 28/09/11 07:24 to 29/09/11 01:45
10/07/201005:45:56 AMSU-A1 Reactivation. Data outage: 2010-278-07:31:46 to 2010-279-05:45:56
10/06/201007:31:46 AMSUA1 parked at internal warm target to support maneuvers.
12/01/200900:00:00CHANNEL 7Irreversibly failed
09/17/200915:32:27 AMSUA1 Internal Warm Target Reactivation
09/17/200909:16:45 AMSUA1 Internal Warm Target Deactivation
12/16/200800:00:00 MetOp-2 AMSU-A1 Channel 7 degradation began violating specifications beginning 12/16.2008.
04/09/200804:17:00 OOP Maneuver Completion: AMSU-A1 commanded to Full Scan mode. Science Packets are nominal.
04/08/200807:38:03 OOP Maneuver Configuration: AMSU-A1 commanded to Internal Warm Target (IWT) Position. Science Packets are filled with calibration data.
03/21/200814:25:00 PLSOL Recovery
03/19/200823:21:13 PLSOL occurred
01/17/200819:46:00 PLSOL Recovery
01/16/200813:46:00 PLSOL occured
09/19/200714:00:55 Turn on AMSU-A1 after autonomous turn off
09/17/200706:05:00 Data interruption due to autonomous payload switch off. Investigation and recovery underway.
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 8MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 11MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 12MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 13MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 14MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 15MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 3MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 4MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 5MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00SIGNAL PROCESSORMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 7MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 9MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00GUN DIODE OSCMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00MIXER IF AMPMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00PLLO1MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00PLLO2MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00RECEIVERMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00RF MUXMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00CHANNEL 6MetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200700:00:00antennaMetOp-A went operational.
05/22/200700:00:00channel 10MetOp-2 went operational