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MetOp-A SBUV Subsystem Summary

Component Status:

CALIBRATORSolar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer - CalibratorGreen
CHOPPER MOTORSolar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer - Chopper MotorGreen
DIFFUSERSolar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer - DiffuserGreen
ELECTRONICSInstrument electronics suiteGreen
FLEX MEMORYFlex memory portion of the SBUV processorGreen
OPTICSOptical sub component suiteGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
05/22/200712:00:00 CALIBRATORMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00 CHOPPER MOTORMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00 DIFFUSERMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00 ELECTRONICSMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00 FLEX MEMORYMetOp-2 went operational
05/22/200712:00:00 OPTICSMetOp-2 went operational