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NOAA 11 SBUV Subsystem Summary

Component Status:

CALIBRATORSolar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer - CalibratorGreen
CHOPPER MOTORSolar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer - Chopper MotorGreen
DIFFUSERSolar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer - DiffuserYellow
ELECTRONICSInstrument electronics suiteGreen
FLEX MEMORYFlex memory portion of the SBUV processorGreen
GRATING DRIVESolar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer - Grating DriveRed
OPTICSOptical sub component suiteGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
05/29/200319:54:00GRATING DRIVEload Flex 0 position mode word with 205, goto position mode, turn off SBUV motors
05/17/200300:00:00GRATING DRIVESBUV grating drive became stuck at position 205 during end-of-life-testing.
05/08/200321:37:00DIFFUSEREnd of life diffuser deployment test.
05/01/200321:20:00FLEX MEMORYEnd of life testing. Cycle through all flex memory
04/21/200315:20:00FLEX MEMORYSelect flex memory two.
03/18/200316:28:00FLEX MEMORYStrobe memory to update
03/18/200316:28:00FLEX MEMORYSelect flex memory zero.
01/11/200300:01:00FLEX MEMORYFlex memory one position upload
01/11/200300:01:00FLEX MEMORYFlex memory ZERO position upload
01/11/200300:01:00FLEX MEMORYLoad all Flex memory position 15 with new values (all being set to -699)
05/02/200200:00:00GRATING DRIVENew memory segment loaded to test position offset. Grating position was sticking and not shifting the position by 6 counts. Commanded back to old memory segment.
03/12/200200:00:00GRATING DRIVEGrating position is off by 6 counts.
03/11/200216:25:00 Strobe command to confirm flex memory switch.
03/11/200216:25:00FLEX MEMORYSelect flex memory 1 for grating drive test
03/01/200200:00:00GRATING DRIVE SBUV/2 grating sensing wavelengths offset
08/27/200100:00:00GRATING DRIVEChange in grating drive behavior. The change is associated with a dramatic jump in the B-pair total column ozone estimates for this instrument.
05/22/200100:00:00GRATING DRIVETested SBUV again with TOMS/total wavelengths. Again, the grating drive behaved erratically. Returned to previous operation.
05/21/200100:00:00GRATING DRIVETested SBUV with TOMS/total wavelengths. Grating drive behaved erratically. Returned to previous operation.
04/03/200115:00:00GRATING DRIVESBUV grating limited operation (-320 to -699)
03/27/200109:25:00GRATING DRIVESBUV grating stuck
03/26/200102:30:00GRATING DRIVEGrating began operating in a limited range.
03/15/200105:12:00GRATING DRIVEGrating drive began operating nominally
03/14/200122:48:00GRATING DRIVEGrating began operating in a limited range.
06/16/200021:30:00GRATING DRIVEGrating drive began operating nominally
06/16/200014:34:00GRATING DRIVEGrating began operating in a limited range.
05/06/200017:33:00GRATING DRIVEGrating drive began operating nominally
05/06/200011:17:00GRATING DRIVEGrating began operating in a limited range.
09/08/199905:05:00GRATING DRIVEGrating drive began operating nominally
09/08/199901:46:00GRATING DRIVEGrating began operating in a limited range from -230 to -402.
03/16/199900:00:00GRATING DRIVEBegan Giant Step Operations for 5 minutes per day
02/27/199913:01:00GRATING DRIVEGrating drive began operating nominally
02/27/199911:26:00GRATING DRIVEGrating motor temperature increase and drive position stuck between -35 to -186
09/14/199802:20:00GRATING DRIVEGrating position was stuck at -100. Returned to normal at 7:27UTC
10/16/199400:00:00DIFFUSERSBUV diffuser indicated that it did not go into stow position and the timer times out.
05/07/199000:00:00GRATING DRIVESweep mode, grating drive anomlay in both encoders. Marginal effects in solar irradiance data.
09/24/198810:36:00OPTICSOn Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00ELECTRONICSOn Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00FLEX MEMORYOn Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00CALIBRATOROn Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00DIFFUSEROn Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00CHOPPER MOTOROn Orbit
09/24/198810:36:00GRATING DRIVEOn Orbit