NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 12 MSU Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
ANTENNAMicrowave Sounding UnitRed
CHANNEL R1Radiometric Channel R1, 50.30 GHzGreen
CHANNEL R2Radiometric Channel R2, 53.74 GHzGreen
CHANNEL R3Radiometric Channel R3, 54.96 GHzGreen
CHANNEL R4Radiometric Channel R4, 57.95 GHzYellow
SCAN MOTORMicrowave Sounding Unit Scan MotorRed

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
07/10/200720:00:00SCAN MOTORDisable MSU Reference Position Sync
07/09/200721:48:00SCAN MOTORTurn On MSU - for power management
06/11/200723:20:00SCAN MOTORTurn off MSU
06/11/200723:20:00 Turn off MSU for power balance.
12/07/200616:55:00 MSU Power On to Reduce Loading on the Shunt and Improve Power Balance
06/23/200510:45:00SCAN MOTORPower off MSU to reduce power draw and battery voltage drawdown during dark phase of orbit.
08/30/200411:10:00 MSU turned on (along with HIRS) for power balance purposes.
07/25/200423:18:00 MSU electronics autonomously powered off by battery undervoltage trip.
03/12/200309:55:00SCAN MOTORTurns off MSU scan motor due to channel 1&2 drive belt failure
02/16/200309:35:00ANTENNAChannels 1 & 2 belt drive failure.
06/19/2001SCAN MOTORBelt drive failure determined to have ultimately affected all channels.
04/04/200123:02:00SCAN MOTORAntenna 3 & 4 belt drive failure. Channels 3&4 inop.
11/10/1995 Analog telemetry indicators display inaccurate readings.
06/01/1994ANTENNADigital gray code encoder stuck at readout of 192 for most positions.
09/14/1992CHANNEL R4MSU Channel 4 shows elevated noise levels during space calibration reading. Noise levels of over one degree were seen.
05/14/199115:26:00ANTENNAOn Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00SCAN MOTOROn Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00CHANNEL R1On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00CHANNEL R2On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00CHANNEL R3On Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00CHANNEL R4On Orbit