NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 12 SEM Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
DPUSpace environment Monitor - Data Processing UnitGreen
MEPEDSpace environment Monitor - Medium Energy Proton DetectorGreen
TEDSpace environment Monitor - Total Energy DetectorGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
06/08/200618:18:00TEDSEM TED autonomously shut off its high voltage (a known and occasional event on pre-KLM spacecraft). Configured back to normal on 9 Jun at 01:00z via CROH COP (no SCR).
09/27/200522:40:00 SEM Electron bias to level 3
09/26/200521:25:00TEDSets electron bias voltage to level 5
09/24/200515:54:00TEDChange electron bias to level 5. ENd TED recovery operation. Payload back to normal operations.
09/24/200515:53:00TEDSet MUX to normal mode
09/24/200515:52:00TEDSet Pulse Height Discriminators to level 1
09/24/200515:51:00TEDSet SEM TED biases to known levels
09/24/200515:50:00TEDTurns on SEM High Voltages
09/24/200507:43:00TEDSEM TED autonomously shut off its high voltage. This is a known problem with pre-KLM SEMs that requires the TED be reinitialized.
08/30/200411:06:00 Turn on SEM primarily for power balance purposes.
07/29/200417:05:00 SEM power up operation canceled. Subsystem is operationally capable but will remain powered off indefinitely.
07/25/200423:20:00 Battery undervoltage safestate tripped causing power load shed that included SEM power off.
10/11/200316:47:00TEDSet TED to Electron level 3.
10/11/200316:46:00TEDSet TED to normal data multiplex
10/11/200316:45:00TEDSET SEM PHD to Level 1
10/11/200316:44:00TEDSet TED to level 1
10/11/200316:43:00TEDTurn on TED High Voltage
10/10/200305:00:00TEDSEM TED experienced an autonomous instrument reset.
03/15/200316:00:00TEDSEM limit flags indicating autonomous instrument reset.
03/15/200310:20:00TEDSet PHD level 1
03/15/200310:20:00TEDSEM reconfigured to nominal
05/14/199115:26:00TEDOn Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00MEPEDOn Orbit
05/14/199115:26:00DPUOn Orbit