NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 14 DHS Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
DTR1ADigital Tape Recorder - 1 A SideGreen
DTR1BDigital Tape Recorder - 1 B SideGreen
DTR2ADigital Tape Recorder - 2 A SideRed
DTR2BDigital Tape Recorder - 2 B SideGreen
DTR3ADigital Tape Recorder - 3 A SideRed
DTR3BDigital Tape Recorder - 3 B SideRed
DTR4ADigital Tape Recorder - 4 A SideRed
DTR4BDigital Tape Recorder - 4 B SideRed
DTR5ADigital Tape Recorder - 5 A SideRed
DTR5BDigital Tape Recorder - 5 B SideGreen
MIRPManipulated Information rate ProcessorGreen
TIP1TIROS Information Processor Side 1
TIP2TIROS Information Processor Side 2Green
XSU1Cross-strap Unit Side 1Red
XSU2Cross-strap Unit Side 2Green

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
04/17/200714:11:00TIP2TIP was switched from Side 2 to Side 1 as part of End Of Life Testing.
03/14/200720:05:00DTR5AThis will stop DTR5A.
11/30/200618:51:00 Set 1 second dwell on NESAAI1 to try and better understand earth sensor response to STX-1 turnon.
09/28/200614:47:40 Major spacecraft attitude perturbation resulted in autonomous bus swap to A (from B).
07/19/200614:25:00TIP1Changed to TIP side 2 from TIP side 1 in order to ascertain actual GN2 low pressure value. Pressure dropped from 223 raw (578 PSI) to 216 (559 PSI), battery voltage dropped from 193 (raw) to 187.
07/14/200612:00:00TIP1TIP drift during the 1990's (which ceased in 2000) has made it impossible to determine actual low pressure nitrogen value, knowledge which is imperative prior to performing the Pitch Over Maneveur. Plan TIP swap (permanent reconfiguration) in order to ascertain the true value.
10/11/200512:00:00MIRPEnable MIRP rephasing for 10 seconds over the South Pole on every orbit.
08/02/200514:30:00MIRPSelect AVHRR channel 2 for APT channel A and select AVHRR channel 4 for APT channel B. All other MIRP settings will remain the same. (Documentation was incorrect, previous commanding selected channels 2 and 3)
08/01/200514:35:00MIRPSelect AVHRR channel 2 for APT channel A and select AVHRR channel 4 for APT channel B. All other MIRP settings will remain the same.
02/24/200506:13:00DTR3APlayback test GAC recorded by DTR3A. End GAC record capability test. Results negative.
02/24/200504:15:00DTR3ATest Recorder 3A capability. Start GAC Record
02/01/2005DTR3ADTR3A degraded further after restacking. Taken out of rotation, status downgraded to RED.
01/25/200513:05:00DTR3ARestack tape on DTR3A to try and correct playback degradation problem.
01/24/2005DTR3ADTR3A showing signs of degradation symptomized by incomplete playbacks. DTR3A downgraded to YELLOW
07/22/2002TIP1Time Stamp File clock offset reconciliation
12/04/200107:30:00MIRPBegin MIRP rephasing out of stored commands
11/06/200118:25:00MIRPEnabled and disabled MIRP rephase. Data remained noisy.
10/19/200112:00:00MIRPAll MIRP rephaseing taken out of stored command table, rephase disabled so that other POES data is not effected by AVHRR anomaly.
11/17/2000XSU1Loss of HRPT data and red limits on XSU-1
01/01/199612:00:00DTR2ADTR 2A failure
01/01/199612:00:00DTR3BDTR 3B failure
02/04/1995DTR4ADTR 4 total failure
02/04/1995DTR4BDTR 4 total failure
12/30/199410:36:00DTR4AOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00DTR5AOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00DTR3AOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00DTR2AOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00DTR1AOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00TIP1On Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00MIRPOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00XSU1On Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00DTR1BOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00DTR2BOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00DTR3BOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00DTR4BOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00DTR5BOn Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00XSU2On Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00TIP2On Orbit