NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 15 AVHRR Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
CHANNEL 1Spectral channel #1, 0.58-0.68 micro meters. Green
CHANNEL 2Spectral channel #2, 0.725-1.0 micro meters. Green
CHANNEL 3ASpectral channel #3A, 1.58-1.64 micro meters. Green
CHANNEL 3BSpectral channel #3B, 3.55-3.93 micro meters. Green
CHANNEL 4Spectral channel #4, 10.3-11.3 micro meters. Green
CHANNEL 5Spectral channel #5, 11.5-12.5 micro meters. Green
OPTICSAVHRR Optical mirrors and telescopesGreen
PSUPower Supply UnitGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
11/23/201515:14:27CHANNEL 3BSelects AVHRR Channel 3B for output
11/23/201515:08:42CHANNEL 3ASelects AVHRR Channel 3A for output
11/23/201515:08:36CHANNEL 3AEnable AVHRR Channel 3A
07/28/201512:00:00 NOAA-15 AVHRR motor current values transition from an average value of about 171mA to roughly 163mA over 24 hours starting 28 Jul 2015 (15/209) at 1200 UTC
05/30/200222:00:00SCAN MOTORAVHRR scan motor current surge
03/30/200219:00:00SCAN MOTORAVHRR Motor current surge and retreat color changed to Yellow for inconsistency
03/16/200219:00:00SCAN MOTORAVHRR Scan motor current surged to 226 mAmps (vs 160 nominal)
01/31/2002SCAN MOTOR Upgraded from Yellow because no problems observed since Oct 01
10/28/2001SCAN MOTORAVHRR scan motor current surges
10/28/2001SCAN MOTORAVHRR temps starting new uptrend
08/23/2001SCAN MOTORAVHRR motor current runup
06/07/2001SCAN MOTORAVHRR motor current settled down
06/06/2001SCAN MOTORAVHRR motor current run-up (settled down on 6/7)
05/13/2001SCAN MOTORAVHRR motor current settled down
05/08/2001SCAN MOTORAVHRR Motor current runup
04/23/2001SCAN MOTORAVHRR data quality degrading
04/30/2000SCAN MOTORAVHR scan motor current surges
05/13/199816:24:00SCAN MOTOROn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00PSUOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00ELECTRONICSOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00RADIANT COOLEROn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00OPTICSOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00BASEPLATEOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00CHANNEL 1On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00CHANNEL 2On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00CHANNEL 3AOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00CHANNEL 3BOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00CHANNEL 4On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00CHANNEL 5On Orbit