NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 15 COMM Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
BTX 1Beacon Transmitter #1 (137.35MHz)Green
BTX 2Beacon Transmitter #2 (137.77MHz)Green
STX1S-Band Transmitter #1 (1698MHz)Yellow
STX2S-Band Transmitter #2 (1702.5MHz)Orange
STX3S-Band Transmitter #3 (1707MHz)Red
STX4S-Band Transmitter #4 (2247.5MHz)Green
VTX1VHF Transmitter #1 (137.50MHz)Green
VTX2VHF Transmitter #2 (137.62MHz)Green

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
10/12/201015:49:41VTX1Turns off VTX1
10/12/201015:49:41VTX2Turns on VTX2. VTX2 became prime
08/01/201020:46:51STX2STX2 (HRPT transmitter) experienced an abrupt 4.71 W drop in output power. STX2 currently has an output power of ~1.25 W and its average orbital maximum temperature is ~26 deg. C.
11/29/200910:45:13STX4STX4 turned on for McMurdo call-up pass.
11/29/200910:45:13STX4Turned off STX4 after McMurdo call-up pass for close approach.
06/20/200716:49:30VTX1Turn VTX1 on.
06/19/200712:00:00VTX1Turn onVTX1, due to conflict with NOAA-12 ending.
05/17/200712:00:00VTX1Turn off VTX1, due to conflict with NOAA-12.
02/27/200720:00:00VTX1Turn on VTX1. Conflict with NOAA-12 ended
02/27/200720:00:00VTX1Turn on VTX1.
01/26/200713:52:00VTX1Turn off VTX1, due to conflict with NOAA-12.
01/25/200713:00:00VTX1Turn off VTX1.
01/25/200713:00:00VTX1Turn off VTX1, due to conflict with NOAA-12.
11/13/200621:50:00VTX1Turn on VTX1 (APT data) RF conflict with N12 over.
10/07/200604:00:00VTX1Turn off VTX1, due to conflict with NOAA-12.
07/31/200612:00:00STX1STX-1 (an unused transmitter) was declared yellow because of its tendency to interfere with AMSU-B data.
06/18/200621:00:00VTX1Turn off VTX1 due to conflict with N12
04/02/200623:00:00VTX1Turn on VTX1 Conflict with NOAA 12 Over
03/01/200618:00:00VTX1Turn off VTX1 due to RF conflict with N12.
12/16/200518:35:00VTX1Conflict with N12 ended. Turn on VTX1 (APT data).
11/13/200519:00:00VTX1Turnoff VTX1 due to conflict with N12. No N15 APT until conflict period is over.
08/30/200507:30:00VTX1VTX-1 turn on (Conflict with N12 over). N15 APT data flow resumes.
07/29/200514:00:00VTX1Turn OFF VTX-1 (APT data) because of RF conflict with N12
05/27/200518:25:00STX2On 27 May at 18:25z the STX2 Omni (HRPT) transmitter experienced an abrupt drop in output power from its nominal value of 7.5 watts down to 3.3 watts. Several minutes later the power increased to 5.5 watts where it remains. No obvious effect on HRPT imagery at SOCC.
05/16/200518:15:00VTX1VTX1 turnon conflict with N12 over.
04/15/200519:58:00VTX1VTX1 turnoff (conflict with N12)
02/01/200515:00:00VTX1Turn VTX-1 (APT data) back on. Conflict with N12 over.
01/01/200514:51:00VTX1VTX1 Off due to conflict with NOAA 12. No APT on NOAA 15 during conflict period.
10/20/200417:05:00VTX1Turnon VTX-1 (APT data). RF conflict with N12 ended.
09/19/200422:00:00VTX1Turnoff VTX-1 (APT data) for duration of RF conflict with N12 (through 20 Oct)
07/08/200412:00:00VTX1RF Conflict with N12 ends. TurnON VTX-1 (APT data)
07/07/200423:30:00VTX1RF Conflict with N12 ended. VTX-1 (APT data) turned back on.
06/07/200412:00:00VTX1Turnoff VTX-1 (APT data) because of RF conflict with N12
06/07/200412:00:00VTX1Turn VTX-1 OFF (APT data) because of RF conflict with N12.
03/24/200413:05:00VTX1VHF (VTX-1) APT turn back on. Conflict with N12 ends.
02/21/200412:01:00VTX1VHF (VTX-1) APT data turnoff, conflict with N12 VTX.
01/16/200315:30:00VTX1Turn on VTX1, ending conflict with NOAA-12.
11/03/1998STX1Turned off to eliminate AMSU-B interference
06/17/1998VTX1VRA boom deployed
06/17/1998VTX2VRA boom deployed
06/01/1998STX2Switched to omni-directional mode
05/31/1998STX2Transmitter noisy - 0.5W increase in output power
05/13/199816:36:00STX3Unit taken out of service. Data unreliable because of intereference with AMSU-B
05/13/199816:36:00VTX1VRA boom not fully deployed following launch
05/13/199816:36:00VTX2VRA boom not fully deployed following launch
05/13/199816:24:00STX1On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00STX2On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00STX3On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00STX4On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00BTX 1On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00BTX 2On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00VTX1On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00VTX2On Orbit
12/30/199410:36:00VTX1On Orbit