NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 15 DHS Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
AIP1AMSU Information Processor side 1Green
AIP2AMSU Information Processor side 2Green
DTR1ADigital Tape Recorder - 1 A SideGreen
DTR1BDigital Tape Recorder - 1 B SideGreen
DTR2ADigital Tape Recorder - 2 A SideYellow
DTR2BDigital Tape Recorder - 2 B SideGreen
DTR3ADigital Tape Recorder - 3 A SideOrange
DTR3BDigital Tape Recorder - 3 B SideGreen
DTR4ADigital Tape Recorder - 4 A SideGreen
DTR4BDigital Tape Recorder - 4 B SideGreen
DTR5ADigital Tape Recorder - 5 A SideRed
DTR5BDigital Tape Recorder - 5 B SideRed
MIRPManipulated Information rate ProcessorGreen
TIP1TIROS Information Processor Side 1Yellow
TIP2TIROS Information Processor Side 2Green
XSU1Cross-strap Unit Side 1Green
XSU2Cross-strap Unit Side 2Green

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
01/10/201212:00:00DTR2ARemoved from ground schedules due to degraded performance.
06/05/201012:00:00DTR3ADTR 3A has singificant gaps reported for data after testing. Status changed to Orange
06/04/201020:57:31DTR3ANOAA-15's DTR3A performed 3 STIP records/playbacks from 10:30:00 -20:57:31 UTC on JDay 155 as part of data gap testing
06/03/201013:42:15DTR3ANOAA-15's DTR3A performed 3 LAC records/playbacks from 01:10:00-13:42:15 UTC on JDay 153 as part of data gap testing
06/01/201023:57:20DTR3ANOAA-15's DTR3A performed 3 GAC records/playbacks from 05:00:00-23:57:20 UTC on JDay 152 as part of data gap testing.
06/01/201003:53:02DTR3ANOAA-15's DTR3A was re-stacked from 03:43:00-03:53:02 UTC on JDay 152 as part of data gap testing.
01/25/201010:00:00DTR3ADTR3A removed from the schedules for ~1 month to see if data gaps in NOAA-15's GAC data dissipate.
11/29/200910:45:13AIP1Configured STX4 for AIP for a close approach call-up pass at McMurdo.
11/29/200910:45:13XSU1Cross-strapped AIP data stream to STX4.
11/29/200910:45:13XSU1Cleared data path configuration to STX4.
11/04/200516:57:00DTR3AStop Rec 3A
11/04/200516:56:00XSU1Configure XSU for DTR3 to STX4
11/04/200516:56:00DTR3APlay SAIP 3A
11/04/200516:55:00DTR3AStop Rec 3A
11/04/200515:16:00DTR3ARecord SAIP Rec 3A
11/04/200515:15:00DTR3AStop Rec 3A
11/04/200515:14:00DTR3BStop Rec 3B
08/30/200518:00:00TIP2Dwell test complete. Return to dwelling on bus voltage NPSEBUSV Channel number 153
08/30/200514:45:00TIP2Dwell (1 sec) on NSADBDPY channel number 274
10/30/200419:45:00XSU1Command HRPT data stream back onto STX-2 after it was inadvertently de-configured.
10/30/200414:40:00XSU1HRPT data deconfigured from STX-2. No HRPT data for several hours.
03/01/200417:04:00DTR5AStop DTR-5A. Channel 228 test inconclusive.
03/01/200417:03:00DTR5APlay DTR5A forward for 3 minutes test TIP-2 Channel 228 operability for DTR5 Pressure.
01/10/2004TIP2TIP2 telemetry channels 224, 226 and 227 (TCE15H, TCE26H, N2 Low Pressure) are now static at anomolous values which are not believed to be valid.
12/23/200309:08:00TIP2TIP analog telemetry on 3 channels (224, 226, 227) appears invalid.
12/20/200213:15:00TIP1D/A converter readout drifting. Causing all analog values on board to drift higher. All analog telem values unreliable.
11/05/200223:50:00TIP1Subtract 275 mSecs from clock to zero out error
08/27/2002TIP1Time Stamp File clock offset reconciliation
06/27/200216:30:00DTR5ADTR Playback test of DTR5A. Result negative. UNIT INOPERATIVE
06/27/200216:30:00DTR5BDTR5B play forward then play back test. Result negative. UNIT INOPERATIVE
06/23/200211:45:00DTR5ADTR 5 Current and Temp surges
06/23/200211:45:00DTR5BDTR 5 Current and Temp surges
03/20/2001MIRPBegin daily resynchs of AVHRR with MIRP then disable. Spacecraft warming trend
01/23/2001MIRPMIRP placed into external synch with rephase disabled
05/13/199816:24:00DTR4AOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00DTR5AOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00DTR3AOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00DTR2AOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00DTR1AOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00TIP1On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00MIRPOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00XSU1On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00DTR1BOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00DTR2BOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00DTR3BOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00DTR4BOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00DTR5BOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00XSU2On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00TIP2On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00AIP1On Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00AIP2On Orbit