NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 15 SARR Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
121 RECEIVERSearch and Rescue Repeater 121.5MHz ReceiverBlue
121/243 ANTENNA121/243 receive antennaGreen
243 RECEIVERSearch and Rescue Repeater 243 receiverRed
406 ANTENNA406 receive antennaGreen
406 RECEIVERSearch and Rescue Repeater 406MHz receiverGreen
PTCPower Temperature ConverterGreen
TRANSMITTERSearch and Rescue TransmitterGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
02/01/200912:00:00121 RECEIVERSARR 121 MHz receiver decommissioned as instructed by COSPAS-SARSAT International mandate.
12/13/200718:38:00406 RECEIVERThis CP will switch to side B receivers & converters as well as setting attenuators to 5 dB and 10 dB.
07/19/2001TRANSMITTERSARR switched from B to A side
05/30/200117:23:00121 RECEIVERSARR-B switched back to AGC mode
05/15/200119:45:00121 RECEIVERSARR switched from Fixed Gain to AGC mode
02/16/2001243 RECEIVERSAR 243 Mhz (A&B) intermittent failures)
05/13/199816:24:00121 RECEIVEROn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00243 RECEIVEROn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00406 RECEIVEROn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00121/243 ANTENNAOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00406 ANTENNAOn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00TRANSMITTEROn Orbit
05/13/199816:24:00PTCOn Orbit