NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 16 AMSU-A2 Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
CHANNEL 1Radiometer channel 1, 23800 MHzGreen
CHANNEL 2Radiometer channel 2, 31400 MHzGreen
GUN DIODE OSCGun Diode OscillatorGreen
MIXER IF AMPMixer Intermediate Frequency AmplifierGreen
SCAN MOTORInstrument Scan MotorGreen
SIGNAL PROCESSORSignal ProcessorGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
03/12/2001 AMSU-A2 configured to SP1
03/08/2001 AMSU-2 to SP4
09/21/200010:56:00SCAN MOTOROn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00ANTENNAOn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00COMPENSATOROn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00GUN DIODE OSCOn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00MIXER IF AMPOn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00RECEIVEROn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00SIGNAL PROCESSOROn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 1On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 2On Orbit