NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 16 CCS Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
CIUControls Interface UnitYellow
CPC1Controls Power Converter 1Green
CPC2Controls Power Converter 2Green
CPU 1Central Processing Unit 1Green
CPU 2Central Processing Unit 2Green
CXUCIU AnnexGreen
DAU1Decription Authentication Unit -1Green
DAU2Decription Authentication Unit -2Green
GRD1GSTDN Receiver/demodulator #1Green
GRD2GSTDN Receiver/demodulator #2Green
RXO 1Primary Redundant Crystal OscillatorGreen
RXO 2Backup Redundant Crystal OscillatorGreen
SCUSignal conditional unitGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
05/11/201411:14:17SCUSCU EED Bus Relays K9 & K10 indicated an armed status when voltage in battery 2 dropped below 10V due to reconditioning.
11/13/201218:39:41 Loaded safety macros (0018-0023) for GYE test.
11/13/201213:46:16 Allow AXKOE/AXKOI and SGGYR CMDs in macros.
11/08/200717:18:00 Safe State will select XSU side 2 instead of XSU side 1.
03/14/200622:27:00 Puts GYRO 2 motor current into 1 sec dwell
03/14/200622:25:00 Put GYRO 2 motor current into highspeed dwell for 30 sec
03/09/200621:44:00 send one word control side
03/09/200621:42:00 send one word
12/31/200523:40:00CPU 2Substract 1.5 second (1500 msecs) from spacecraft command clock CONTROL side to compensate for leap second on 1 Jan 06 and general drift throughout the year.
12/31/200522:40:00CPU 1Substract 1.5 second (1500 msecs) from spacecraft command clock NON-CONTROL side to compensate for leap second on 1 Jan 06 and general drift throughout the year.
10/21/200414:47:00 Start macro 11 to begin SBUV test
10/21/200414:46:00 Enable macro processing. Send only if needed. Macro processing should be enabled already.
10/21/200414:45:00 Loads macro slot 11 with test macro
12/23/200323:59:00CPU 2Bias daily 24 hr. ETCUP to include -5.5 msec. control side
12/23/200323:30:00CPU 2Subtract 100 msec from spacecraft command clock control side.
12/23/200322:30:00CPU 1Subtract 100 msec from spacecraft command clock NON-control side.
04/19/200117:25:00CPU 1CPU1 marked OK""
04/19/200112:45:00CPU 1CPU1 recovery commanding
04/13/2001CPU 1CPU1 clock updated and ephem loaded
04/12/200117:15:00CPU 1CPU1 software patch enabled
04/12/200114:10:00CPU 1CPU1 CIU patch uploaded
04/04/2001CPU 1Dumped CIU words in prep for software patch
01/20/200112:40:00CIUCIU testing - Commanded CPU1 NOT OK, returned to OK automatically
01/19/200119:40:00CPU 1CPU1 marked NOT OK""
01/18/200119:50:00CIUCIU testing - GEODAT timer dumps
01/16/200118:12:00CIUFailure of 2 Hz flag bit in CIU Buffer 149
01/15/200120:23:00CPU 1Spacecraft keeps toggling back to clear mode
09/21/200010:56:00RXO 1On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00RXO 2On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CIUOn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CPU 1On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CPU 2On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CXUOn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00SCUOn Orbit