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This NOAA site will no longer provide GOES-East imagery. For access to high resolution GOES-East imagery from GOES-16, please go to the site: We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

NOAA 16 CCS Subsystem Summary

Component Status:

CIUControls Interface UnitYellow
CPC1Controls Power Converter 1 
CPC2Controls Power Converter 2 
CPU 1Central Processing Unit 1Green
CPU 2Central Processing Unit 2Green
CXUCIU AnnexGreen
DAU1Decription Authentication Unit -1 
DAU2Decription Authentication Unit -2 
GRD1GSTDN Receiver/demodulator #1 
GRD2GSTDN Receiver/demodulator #2 
RXO 1Primary Redundant Crystal OscillatorGreen
RXO 2Backup Redundant Crystal OscillatorGreen
SCUSignal conditional unitGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
05/11/2014 11:14:17 SCU SCU EED Bus Relays K9 & K10 indicated an armed status when voltage in battery 2 dropped below 10V due to reconditioning.
11/13/201218:39:41 Loaded safety macros (0018-0023) for GYE test.
11/13/201213:46:16 Allow AXKOE/AXKOI and SGGYR CMDs in macros.
11/08/200717:18:00 Safe State will select XSU side 2 instead of XSU side 1.
03/14/200622:27:00 Puts GYRO 2 motor current into 1 sec dwell
03/14/200622:25:00 Put GYRO 2 motor current into highspeed dwell for 30 sec
03/09/200621:44:00 send one word control side
03/09/200621:42:00 send one word
12/31/200523:40:00CPU 2Substract 1.5 second (1500 msecs) from spacecraft command clock CONTROL side to compensate for leap second on 1 Jan 06 and general drift throughout the year.
12/31/200522:40:00CPU 1Substract 1.5 second (1500 msecs) from spacecraft command clock NON-CONTROL side to compensate for leap second on 1 Jan 06 and general drift throughout the year.
10/21/200414:47:00 Start macro 11 to begin SBUV test
10/21/200414:46:00 Enable macro processing. Send only if needed. Macro processing should be enabled already.
10/21/200414:45:00 Loads macro slot 11 with test macro
12/23/200323:59:00CPU 2Bias daily 24 hr. ETCUP to include -5.5 msec. control side
12/23/200323:30:00CPU 2Subtract 100 msec from spacecraft command clock control side.
12/23/200322:30:00CPU 1Subtract 100 msec from spacecraft command clock NON-control side.
04/19/200117:25:00CPU 1CPU1 marked "OK"
04/19/200112:45:00CPU 1CPU1 recovery commanding
04/13/200100:00:00CPU 1CPU1 clock updated and ephem loaded
04/12/200117:15:00CPU 1CPU1 software patch enabled
04/12/200114:10:00CPU 1CPU1 CIU patch uploaded
04/04/200100:00:00CPU 1Dumped CIU words in prep for software patch
01/20/200112:40:00CIUCIU testing - Commanded CPU1 NOT OK, returned to OK automatically
01/19/200119:40:00CPU 1CPU1 marked "NOT OK"
01/18/200119:50:00CIUCIU testing - GEODAT timer dumps
01/16/200118:12:00CIUFailure of 2 Hz flag bit in CIU Buffer 149
01/15/200120:23:00CPU 1Spacecraft keeps toggling back to clear mode
09/21/200010:56:00RXO 1On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00SCUOn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CXUOn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CPU 2On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CPU 1On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CIUOn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00RXO 2On Orbit