NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 16 HIRS Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
CHANNEL 1Spectral Channel #1, 14.95 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 10Spectral Channel #10, 12.47 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 11Spectral Channel #11, 7.33 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 12Spectral Channel #12, 6.52 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 13Spectral Channel #13, 4.57 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 14Spectral Channel #14, 4.52 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 15Spectral Channel #15, 4.47 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 16Spectral Channel #16, 4.45 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 17Spectral Channel #17, 4.13 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 18Spectral Channel #18, 4.00 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 19Spectral Channel #19, 3.76 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 2Spectral Channel #2, 14.71 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 20Spectral Channel #20, 0.69 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 3Spectral Channel #3, 14.49 micro metersYellow
CHANNEL 4Spectral Channel #4, 14.22 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 5Spectral Channel #5, 13.97 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 6Spectral Channel #6, 13.64 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 7Spectral Channel #7, 13.35 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 8Spectral Channel #8, 11.11 micro metersGreen
CHANNEL 9Spectral Channel #9, 9.71 micro metersGreen
ELECTRONICSInstrument ElectronicsGreen
FILTER WHEELInstrument Filter Wheel MotorGreen
SCAN MOTORInstrument Scan MotorGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
05/14/201401:00:00FILTER WHEELFilter wheel returned to nominal operations
05/13/201423:36:00FILTER WHEELFilter Wheel had a current surge at 202mA, but the filter sync was not lost
04/16/201316:05:18 Filter housing heat ON
04/16/201316:04:54 Filter Motor High Power
01/18/200519:15:00 Turn off HIRS filter housing heater since having it on did not improve channel degradation problem.
01/10/200516:00:00 Turn on HIRS filter housing heater
01/05/200512:00:00CHANNEL 3HIRS downgraded to YELLOW status because of long wave channel degradation.
01/03/200512:00:00 All HIRS longwave channels are currently out of NEDN noise specification by a large amount, and is affecting products. Degradation began in summer of 2004 and has worsened since then.
12/13/200401:15:00FILTER WHEELHIRS FIlter Motor Current & Temp surge. Period monitor also affected. Filter wheel synch not lost, imagery not noticably affected.
05/21/2004 Significant noise increase (exceeding specification) in many HIRS channels impacting image quality. Instrument health parameters nominal.
03/04/200419:00:00FILTER WHEELHIRS out of character filter motor current and temp increase. Period monitor and channel 5 & 10 imagery effects.
03/09/2001 HIRS cross track point error resolved - due to improper pre-launch alignment
10/12/2000 HIRS 1 pixel cross-track pointing error observed
09/21/200010:56:00FILTER WHEELOn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00SCAN MOTOROn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00ELECTRONICSOn Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 1On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 2On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 3On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 4On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 5On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 6On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 7On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 8On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 9On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 10On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 11On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 12On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 13On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 14On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 15On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 16On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 17On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00CHANNEL 20On Orbit
09/21/200010:56:00channel 18Or Orbit.
09/21/200010:56:00channel 19On Orbit.