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NOAA 17 AMSU-A1 Subsystem Summary

Component Status:

ANTENNAInstrument antennaGreen
CHANNEL 10Channel #10, 57290.344MHzGreen
CHANNEL 11Channel #11, 57290.344MHzGreen
CHANNEL 12Channel #12, 57290.344MHzGreen
CHANNEL 13Channel #13, 57290.344MHzGreen
CHANNEL 14Channel #14, 57290.344MHzGreen
CHANNEL 15Channel #15, 89.0 GHzGreen
CHANNEL 3Channel #3, 50300MHzGreen
CHANNEL 4Channel #4, 52800MHzGreen
CHANNEL 5Channel #5, 523596MHzGreen
CHANNEL 6Channel #6, 54400MHzGreen
CHANNEL 7Channel #7, 54940MHzYellow
CHANNEL 8Channel #8, 55500MHzGreen
CHANNEL 9Channel #9, 57290.344MHzGreen
GUN DIODE OSCGun Diode OscillatorGreen
PLLO1Phase lock loop oscillator side 1Green
PLLO2Phase lock loop oscillator side 2Green
RF MUXRadio Frequency multiplexerGreen
SCAN MOTORInstrument Scan MotorRed
SIGNAL PROCESSORSignal ProcessorGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
10/30/200320:25:00 AMSU-A1 Power Off. Only heaters remain powered on.
10/30/200320:15:00SCAN MOTORToggle Scan Motor 1 and 2 On then Off.
10/30/200318:35:00 AMSU-A1 Power Off for 1 minute then power back on. Heaters on, scanner off.
10/30/200317:00:00 AMSU-A1 Power Off for 1 minute then power back on. Heaters on, scanner off.
10/30/200315:20:00ANTENNATurn AMSU-A1 and its survival heaters on. Keep scanner off
10/29/200322:20:00ANTENNAPut AMSU-A1 into safe state (AMSU-A1 power off, survival heaters power on.)
10/29/200320:43:00SCAN MOTORTurn AMSU-A1 and its survival heaters on. Keep scanner off.
10/29/200317:25:00 Turnoff AMSU-A1 power. Turnon AMSU-A1 survival heaters.
10/28/200314:25:00SCAN MOTORTurn off AMSU-A1 Scan Motor 2
10/28/200314:24:00SCAN MOTORTurn off AMSU-A1 scan motor 1
10/28/200304:20:00SCAN MOTORAMSU-A1 scan motor current surge, and high temps, all image data channels affected.
03/15/200301:18:00CHANNEL 7N17 AMSU-A1 channel 7 is experiencing an intermittent series of excessively high values (32767 vs nominal 17000) on the cold, warm, and space views.
01/15/200300:00:00CHANNEL 7Notified that AMSU-A1 is experiencing elevated noise on Channel 7
01/09/200317:50:00CHANNEL 7Channel 7 NEDT elevated counts.
10/28/200200:00:00PLLO1AMSU-A1 PLLO channels, 9-14, radiometric count changes.
08/15/200200:00:00CHANNEL 3AMSU-A1 intermittent bias shifts
07/09/200222:40:00ELECTRONICSAMSU-A1 power off then backon (bad data anomaly response)
07/03/200219:52:00SCAN MOTORAMSU-A1 Scanner Power "on"
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 5On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00ANTENNAOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 15On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00GUN DIODE OSCOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00MIXER IF AMPOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00PLLO1On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00RECEIVEROn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00RF MUXOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00SIGNAL PROCESSOROn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 3On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 4On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 6On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 7On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 8On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 9On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 10On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 11On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 12On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00SCAN MOTOROn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 14On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00PLLO2On Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CHANNEL 13On Orbit