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NOAA 17 SBUV Subsystem Summary

Component Status:

CALIBRATORSolar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer - CalibratorGreen
CHOPPER MOTORSolar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer - Chopper MotorGreen
DIFFUSERSolar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer - DiffuserGreen
ELECTRONICSInstrument electronics suiteGreen
FLEX MEMORYFlex memory portion of the SBUV processorGreen
GRATING DRIVESolar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectral Radiometer - Grating DriveGreen
OPTICSOptical sub component suiteGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
03/08/201315:20:07FLEX MEMORYReprogrammed Word 0 and Word 11 of SBUV Flex memory Segment 0 for Discrete Mode collections to 252nm (GPOS 700) and 340 nm (GPOS -500), respectively.
03/07/201315:44:20GRATING DRIVEReprogrammed Word 0 and Word 11 of SBUV Flex memory Segment 0 for Discrete Mode collections to 307.98 nm (GPOS -59) and 310.02 nm (GPOS -87), respectively.
03/06/201316:09:15GRATING DRIVEPlaced in position mode at GPOS -1049 (378 nm).
03/05/201319:52:42GRATING DRIVEPlaced in position mode at GPOS 410 (273 nm).
03/05/201313:15:32GRATING DRIVEPlaced in position mode at GPOS 157 (292 nm).
03/04/201318:38:39GRATING DRIVEPlaced in position mode at GPOS 24 (301 nm).
03/04/201313:40:06GRATING DRIVEPlaced in position mode at GPOS -190 (317 nm).
03/01/201318:07:23FLEX MEMORYSwitched discrete mode to segment 1 memory for Mg II wavelengths until 08:01:44 UTC on DOY 62.
09/14/201014:20:10FLEX MEMORYSets word 14 of sement 0 to -1049 (378.6 nm)
06/02/201000:54:02DIFFUSERSBUV Grating Mode set to Discrete; correcting for the command left out of the Stored Command Table at 05:11 UTC.
06/01/201005:11:00GRATING DRIVEThe weekly SBUV Sweep Mode Calibration that was not scheduled should have ended at this time, returning the SBUV to Discrete Mode. As a result, the SBUV remained in Sweep Mode.
06/01/201002:22:00GRATING DRIVEThe daily SBUV Solar Sweep Calibration completed; placing the SBUV back to Sweep Mode (the appropriate action).
05/31/201022:27:00GRATING DRIVEThe weekly SBUV Sweep Mode Calibration was not scheduled at this time.
09/12/200619:45:00 IBSL test conclusion: CP loads grating position 323 to wd 14 of segments 2 and 3.
09/12/200617:32:00 IBSL test (cont): Stow diffuser, grating to discrete mode, teturn to segment 0, strobe.
09/12/200616:50:00 IBSL test (cont): Diffuser to Sun position, grating to position mode, use segment 3, strobe.
09/12/200615:51:00 IBSL test (cont): Stow diffuser, grating to discrete mode. return to segment 0, strobe
09/12/200615:09:00 IBSL test (cont): Diffuser to Sun position, grating to position mode, use segment 2, strobe.
09/12/200614:50:00 IBSL (sun glint) test start: CP loads grating position 700 to seg 2, wd 14, and grating position -500 to seg 3, wd 14.
06/29/200617:51:00 Return diffuser to position1: stow.
06/29/200617:14:00 Deploy diffuser to position 2: calibration.
11/12/200503:37:00 Reloaded original grating positions into segment 3 following test of 11 Nov 05. S
11/11/200503:30:00 Loaded grating positions into segment 3 for test which lasted for 4 orbits.
11/10/200508:57:00 Reloaded original grating positions into segment 2 following test of 9 Nov 05.
11/09/200514:00:00 Loaded grating positions into segment 2 for test lasting 4 orbits.
09/03/200512:00:00 New S.O.P. Place SBUV in cathode mode for 4 orbits on the 1st Saturday of every month. These orbits are such that the spacecraft is not over the continental US in daylight.
08/09/200500:00:01 Replace the SOMS proc TUESF1DS with SBFLX1DS in Tuesday schedules to keep the SBUV in sweep mode for 4 orbits on Tuesdays. Does not change the relative timing of the proc.
05/17/200512:00:00FLEX MEMORYChange Perform sweep mode observations SOP.
01/28/200320:20:00GRATING DRIVESBUV manually commanded back to discrete mode after SCT inadvertently omitted this again
01/28/200310:18:00 Place SBUV into discrete mode
01/21/200321:15:00GRATING DRIVEPlace SBUV into DISCRETE mode was "stuck" in Sweep.
01/21/200321:15:00 Place SBUV into discrete mode
01/18/200300:01:00 Selects cathod on range 3
01/14/200300:01:00 Perform sweep solar measurements
01/14/200300:01:00 Perform sweep mode
01/14/200300:01:00 Performs discrete solar measurement
11/15/200211:00:00FLEX MEMORYLoads giant steps into SBUV flex memory three
10/10/200214:50:00FLEX MEMORYCorrect flex 0 word 12 error
10/10/200214:47:00FLEX MEMORYSBUV load to correct flex memory zero word 12 to grating position -1446 (from -1443)
10/01/200200:10:00FLEX MEMORYSBUV operations switched from Northern to Southern hemisphere via SCT
10/01/200200:00:01 Sweep mode.
10/01/200200:00:01FLEX MEMORYSelect flex 1 perform discrete solar measurement, then select flex 0.
10/01/200200:00:01 Sweep solar measurement.
10/01/200200:00:01 Discrete solar measurement.
10/01/200200:00:01DIFFUSERCycle diffuser in position mode using flex memory 1
10/01/200200:00:01DIFFUSERCycle diffuser in position mode.
10/01/200200:00:01 Cycle lamp door.
10/01/200200:00:01 Wavelength calibration.
09/16/200200:10:00ELECTRONICSSBUV Normal ops commenced. (Note: mistake made, ops taking place in northern hemisphere, should be south)
09/03/200200:10:00FLEX MEMORYSBUV Flex Memory 0 reloaded via SCT
08/30/200215:05:00ELECTRONICSSBUV high voltage enable to select PMT to Anode
08/30/200215:05:00FLEX MEMORYSBUV switch back to Anode mode
08/29/200215:28:00OPTICSSelect cathode turn on
08/29/200215:28:00ELECTRONICSSBUV High voltage on
08/29/200215:25:00ELECTRONICSSBUV Cathod turned "On" for range 3 earth measurements, 1 discrete solar measurement with new macro.
07/08/200219:40:00ELECTRONICSSBUV High Volts enable
07/08/200214:45:00ELECTRONICSSBUV High Voltage turned "On"
06/30/200214:25:00ELECTRONICSSBUV turned "On" and configuration
06/24/200218:56:00CHOPPER MOTOROn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00DIFFUSEROn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00CALIBRATOROn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00FLEX MEMORYOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00ELECTRONICSOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00OPTICSOn Orbit
06/24/200218:56:00GRATING DRIVEOn Orbit
00:00:00FLEX MEMORYSets word 14 of sement 0 to -1049 (378.6 nm)