NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations
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NOAA-18 Operational Status

Below is the up-to-date operational status of the NOAA-18 spacecraft and its various subsystems.

NOAA-18 Spacecraft Status Summary

Spacecraft Letter:   N International Designation:   2005018A
Catalog Number:   28654 Launch Date:   05/20/2005
Operational Date:   8/30/2005 Operational Status:  PM Secondary
GAC:   Yes HRPT:   Yes   STX-3/HSB   1707.0 MHz
LAC:   No APT:   Yes   VTX-2   137.9125 MHz
LTAN:   22:37 Inclination Angle:  98.74 deg
Altitude:  854km Precession Rate:  3.52 (min/month)
Period:  102.12 (minutes)  
Note: All NOAA-18 MIMU laser gyros have failed; operating RGYRO GYE mode since August 9, 2017 (17/229). Estimated yaw errors ± 0.5 degrees. AVHRR imagery at scan edges will show geolocation errors but usable.

Subsystem Status:

Subsystem Description Status
ADACSAttitude Determination and Control SystemYELLOW
ADCSAdvanced Data Collection SystemN/A
AMSU-A1Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit -A1GREEN
AMSU-A2Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit -A2GREEN
AMSU-BAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit -BN/A
APT/LRPTAutomatic Picture Transmission / Low Rate Picture TransmissionGREEN
AVHRRAdvanced Very High Resolution RadiometerYELLOW
DCSData Collection SystemGREEN
EPSElectrical Power SystemGREEN
HIRSHigh Resolution Infrared Radiation SounderRED
MHSMicrowave Humidity SounderRED
SARSearch and RescueGREEN
SARPSearch and Rescue ProcessorGREEN
SARRSearch and Rescue RepeaterGREEN
SBUVSolar Backscatter Ultraviolet RadiometerRED
SEMSpace Environment MonitorYELLOW
TCCTelemetry, Command & ControlGREEN
THERMThermal Control SystemGREEN