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NOAA 18 AMSU-A2 Subsystem Summary

Subsystem History:

Component Description Status
ANTENNA Antenna Green
CHANNEL 1 Radiometer channel 1, 23800 MHz Green
CHANNEL 2 Radiometer channel 2, 31400 MHz Green
COMPENSATOR Compensator Green
GUN DIODE OSC Gun Diode Oscillator Green
MIXER IF AMP Mixer Intermediate Frequency Amplifier Green
RECEIVER Receiver Green
SCAN MOTOR Instrument Scan Motor Green
SIGNAL PROCESSOR Signal Processor Green

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
02/07/2008 03:10:00   The NOAA-18 AMSU-A2 instrument began showing unusual reading in its Digital-A telemetry starting at 03:10 GMT the morning of 7 February 2008 (2008/038). At that time, there was a downward shift seen in the Internal Warm Target temperature, the temperature sensor reference voltage began fluctuating rapidly with values over a range of approximately 500 raw counts, and many of the Digital-A temperatures also began rapid fluctuations in value. Additionally, there were shifts in the radiometric levels in the IWT and Cold Cal views. As a result of the inconsistent values being reported for the various temperatures and the drifts in radiometric values, data processing has been affected. The NEdT values for the two AMSU-A2 channels have risen to roughly twice their previous levels.
09/30/2007 21:39:00   On 07/273, AMSU A2 Cold Cal Position and Cold Cal Select position changed to 0,POS2 respectively (from 1, POS1). The DC Converter temperature began to rise, causing other temperatures to rise. DC Converter Temps leveled off at 306-207.5K as of 07/275.
07/27/2005 20:15:00   Select Space View Position 2 and recover from unexpected configuration.
07/26/2005 17:10:00   After being commanded to Warm View, AMSU-A2 did not return to expected configuration one rev later. Symptoms show as miscompares on P2COLDC and DAM2CALL mnemonics.
07/26/2005 17:06:00   Return AMSU-A2 to full scan, test complete.
07/26/2005 15:41:00   Park AMSU-A2 at warm target to support HIRS TOAR invesitgation
06/08/2005 01:35:00   AMSU-A2 to space view-2
06/05/2005 19:05:00   AMSU-A2 to space view-1.
06/03/2005 19:20:00   AMSU-A2 commanded to space view-3
06/01/2005 19:40:00   AMSU-A2 commanded to space view 4
05/30/2005 21:48:00   AMSU-A2 commanded to space position 2
05/24/2005 19:25:30 CHANNEL 2 on orbit, operational
05/24/2005 19:25:00 CHANNEL 1 on orbit, operational
05/24/2005 19:23:00 SIGNAL PROCESSOR turned on, operational
05/24/2005 19:22:00 SCAN MOTOR turned on, operational
05/24/2005 19:21:00 RECEIVER turned on, operational
05/24/2005 19:20:30 MIXER IF AMP turned on, operational
05/24/2005 19:20:20 COMPENSATOR turned on, on orbit
05/24/2005 19:20:10 ANTENNA AMSU-A2 turnon, antenna operational
05/24/2005 19:20:00 GUN DIODE OSC turned on, operational.
05/24/2005 19:20:00   AMSU-A2 powered on, nominal.
05/20/2005 11:58:00   AMSU-A2 survival heater nominally turned on instrument not yet powered up.