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NOAA 18 SARP Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
DRUData Recovery UnitGreen
RPUReceiver Power UnitGreen
SPUSignal Processing UnitGreen
USOUltra Stable OscillatorGreen
VCOVoltage Control OscillatorGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
06/13/200519:14:00RPUBandwidth profile changed from 1 (406.010-406.090 MHz) to 2 (406.010-406.050 MHz)
05/29/200515:25:00DRUDRU-1 turned on. This completes SARP DRU turnons.
05/27/200517:08:00DRUDRU-2 powered on.
05/24/200516:15:00 SARP-B powered up.
05/23/200517:57:00USOUSO turn on
05/23/200517:57:00VCOVCO turned on
05/23/200517:56:30RPURPU turnon
05/23/200517:56:00DRUDRU-3 turned on
05/23/200517:56:00SPUSPU turnon
05/23/200517:55:00 SARP-A powered on receiver band #1.