NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 18 SARP Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
DRUData Recovery UnitGreen
RPUReceiver Power UnitGreen
SPUSignal Processing UnitGreen
USOUltra Stable OscillatorGreen
VCOVoltage Control OscillatorGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
06/13/200519:14:00RPUBandwidth profile changed from 1 (406.010-406.090 MHz) to 2 (406.010-406.050 MHz)
05/29/200515:25:00DRUDRU-1 turned on. This completes SARP DRU turnons.
05/27/200517:08:00DRUDRU-2 powered on.
05/24/200516:15:00 SARP-B powered up.
05/23/200517:57:00USOUSO turn on
05/23/200517:57:00VCOVCO turned on
05/23/200517:56:30RPURPU turnon
05/23/200517:56:00DRUDRU-3 turned on
05/23/200517:56:00SPUSPU turnon
05/23/200517:55:00 SARP-A powered on receiver band #1.