NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 19 DHS Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
AIP1AMSU Information Processor side 1Green
AIP2AMSU Information Processor side 2Green
DDR1ADigital Data Recorder #1 A SideGreen
DDR1BDigital Data Recorder #1 B SideGreen
DDR2ADigital Data Recorder #2 A SideGreen
DDR2BDigital Data Recorder #2 B SideGreen
DDR3ADigital Data Recorder #3 A SideGreen
DDR3BDigital Data Recorder #3 B SideGreen
DDR4ADigital Data Recorder #4 A SideGreen
DDR4BDigital Data Recorder #4 B SideGreen
DDR5ADigital Data Recorder #5 A SideGreen
DDR5BDigital Data Recorder #5 B SideGreen
MIRPManipulated Information rate ProcessorGreen
MIUMHS Interface UnitGreen
TIP1TIROS Information Processor Side 1Green
TIP2TIROS Information Processor Side 2Green
XSU1Cross-strap Unit Side 1Green
XSU2Cross-strap Unit Side 2Green

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
05/14/200915:25:00MIRPInstructs the MIRP to select AVHRR Channel 2 for APT Channel A. Switches from an IR to visible channel. To be sent when crossing over the southern terminator, from night to day.(Rephase Enabled)
05/14/200915:25:00MIRPCommands APT Channel B as AVHRR Channel 4 and APT Channel A as AVHRR Channel 2
02/06/200911:49:20AIP1DHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20AIP2DHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20DDR1ADHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20DDR1BDHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20DDR2ADHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20DDR2BDHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20DDR3ADHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20DDR3BDHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20DDR4ADHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20DDR4BDHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20DDR5ADHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20DDR5BDHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20MIRPDHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20MIUDHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20TIP1DHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20TIP2DHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20XSU1DHS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20XSU2DHS Subsystem Nominal