NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

NOAA 19 EPS Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
ADESolar Array Drive ElectronicsGreen
BAT 1Battery # 1Green
BAT 2Battery # 2Green
BAT 3Battery # 3Green
BRU 1Battery Reconditioning Unit 1Green
BRU 2Battery Reconditioning Unit 2Green
BRU 3Battery Reconditioning Unit 3Green
PSEPower Supply ElectronicsGreen
SASolar Array
SADSolar Array DriveGreen
SATCUSolar Array Telemetry Commutator UnitGreen
SHUNT ASolar Array Shunt Drive AGreen
SHUNT BSolar Array Shunt Drive BGreen
Solar ArrayGreen

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
01/06/201923:25:43 Clear the Sun Lost Flag.
05/01/201814:43:40 Solar Array offset to -57.5 deg.
10/18/201713:42:07SASolar Array offset to -62 deg.
10/11/201716:42:23SASolar Array offset to -63 deg.
09/29/201717:23:09 Battery Day/Night Threshold set to 90mA
09/28/201714:08:01SASolar Array offset to -60 deg.
04/24/201715:40:04SASolar Array offset to -57.5 deg.
09/28/201615:06:08SASolar Array offset to -60 deg.
05/27/201619:57:07SASolar Array offset to -55 deg.
03/29/201617:41:55SASolar Array offset to -58 deg.
10/20/201516:21:28SHUNT APSA Drive 1 connect to Primary Mode Controller
10/20/201516:20:37PSEPSE Mode Controller to Primary
10/20/201514:46:48SASolar Array offset to -60 deg.
05/12/201514:47:04BAT 1All battery charging to medium rate.
05/12/201514:47:04BAT 2All battery charging to medium rate.
05/12/201514:47:04BAT 3All battery charging to medium rate.
03/20/201511:02:52SATotal Solar Eclipse ended.
03/20/201509:20:22SATotal Solar Eclipse started.
02/18/201518:10:46 Connect shunt drive 2 to PSA-A in primary mode controller.
02/03/201514:30:48 Adjust all batteries to VT05 at Cutback.
01/29/201520:24:55 Adjust all batteries to VT05 at Sun Return.
01/29/201515:26:05 Adjust all batteries to VT06 at Sun Return.
01/29/201515:24:46 Adjust all batteries to VT06 at Cutback.
01/22/201519:52:00 Adjust all batteries to VT05 at Sun Return.
01/07/201514:27:47 All battery charging to low rate.
12/18/201414:50:44SASolar Array offset to -50 deg.
11/25/201417:13:06SASolar Array offset to -45 deg.
11/18/201415:21:25SASolar Array offset to -40 deg.
11/13/201414:42:26SASolar Array offset to -35 deg.
10/23/201423:51:39SAPartial Solar Eclipse ended.
10/23/201419:37:33SAPartial Solar Eclipse started.
01/04/201119:34:59SASADCS was enabled to control the Solar Array with SADPOS in back-up. (SADPOS was activated on JDay 004 at 09:30:30 UTC during the Partial Solar Eclipse).
01/04/201119:34:59SASend 1-Word sent to verify that SADCS is in control of the Solar Array.
01/04/201119:34:59SASend 1-Word sent to verify the SADBIAS value.
01/04/201119:34:59SASolar Array was moved from 0 deg. offset to -30 deg. offset.
01/04/201119:34:59Solar ArrayOn 1/4/11 (JDay 004) at 19:34:59 UTC, SADCS was commanded back in control of the Solar Array (with SADPOS in back-up) and the Solar Array back to a -30 deg, offset.
01/04/201109:33:00Solar ArrayOn 1/4/11 (JDay 004) at 09:30:30 UTC, NOAA-19's SADPOS was activated and took control of the Solar Array, moving it from a -30 deg. offset to a 0 deg. offset.
09/22/201014:13:37BAT 1Set V/T levels to VT/7, non-control SCP
02/06/200911:49:20ADEEPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20BAT 1EPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20BAT 2EPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20BAT 3EPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20BRU 1EPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20BRU 2EPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20BRU 3EPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20PSEEPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20SAEPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20SADEPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20SATCUEPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20SHUNT AEPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:49:20SHUNT BEPS Subsystem Nominal
02/06/200911:38:20SASolar Array Cant Deployment
02/06/200911:34:20SASolar Array Boom Deployment
02/06/200911:32:40SASolar Array Panel Deployment
SASADPOS disabled for partial solar eclipse.
SASADPOS re-enabled after partial solar eclipse.