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NOAA 20 ATMS Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
ACAAzimuth Control AssemblyGreen
ANTAntenna SystemGreen
CMCompensator Motor;Green
DAAData Acquisition AssemblyGreen
GG Band Receiver (Ch. 17-22)Green
K/KAK/Ka Band Receiver (Ch. 1-2)Green
OXCOOven Controlled Crystal OscillatorGreen
PCAPower Convertor AssemblyGreen
PDAPower Distribution AssemblyGreen
RPSReceiver Power SupplyGreen
SAW-ASurface Acoustic Wave Filter Assembly AGreen
SAW-BSurface Acoustic Wave Filter Assembly BGreen
SDScan DriveGreen
SPA-ASignal Processing Assembly AGreen
SPA-BSignal Processing Assembly BGreen
VV Band Receiver (Ch. 3-15)Green
WW Band Receiver (Ch. 16)Green

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
03/07/201812:00:00 Operational