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NOAA 20 VIIRS Subsystem Summary

Component Description Status
ASP/FPIE AAnalog Signal Processors and Focal Plane Interface Electronics AGreen
ASP/FPIE BAnalog Signal Processors and Focal Plane Interface Electronics BGreen
CPAControl Processor AGreen
CPBControl Processor BGreen
DNBDay/Night BandGreen
DPPDigital Pre-ProcessorGreen
FPIEAFocal Plane Interface Electronics AGreen
FPIEB Focal Plane Interface Electronics BGreen
FTCFocal Plane Temperature ControllerGreen
HAMHalf Angle Mirror and HeaterGreen
LWIRLongwave Bands (4)Green
OBCBBOn Board Calibrator Black BodyGreen
OGHOutgas HeatersGreen
RTARotating Telescope Assembly and HeaterGreen
SASSolar Attentuation ScreenGreen
SCEAScan Control Electronics AGreen
SCEBScan Control Electronics BGreen
SCPS1Spacecraft Power Supply 1Green
SCPS2Spacecraft Power Supply 2Green
SDSolar DiffuserGreen
SDSMSolar Diffuser Stability MonitorGreen
SDSMP1SDSM Pre-amps 1Green
SDSMP2SDSM Pre-amps 2Green
SHSurvival HeatersGreen
SMWIRShort/Midwave Bands (8)Green
SPAStow Power AGreen
SPBStow Power BGreen
VisNIRVisible/Near IR Bands (9)Green

Subsystem History:

Date Time Component Description
03/07/201816:00:00 Operational