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Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Version 2 (SBUV/2) Products

The SBUV/2 is a non-scanning, nadir viewing (field-of-view directly below the satellite path) instrument designed to measure scene radiance in the spectral region from 160 to 400 nm. SBUV/2 data are used to determine total and profile ozone in the atmosphere, and solar spectral irradiance. For more information read the SBUV/2 KLM Guide:


1B Capture in binary format: Navigated and calibrated 1B data used primarily by users who want to recreate reprocessed climate-quality products, or those interested in solar data.

Product Master File in binary format: The full file containing the Version 8 algorithm results (total and profile ozone and ancillary parameters), a 2000-word averaging kernel, and the old Version 6 results, which are an intermediate product for the Version 8 processing.

Product Master File in BUFR format: A subset of the Version 8 parameters for use primarily by the environmental modeling community.

All SBUV/2 products are available in daily (from the Operational Ozone Processing system - OOPS) or orbital format (from the Real-time Ozone Processing Extended System - ROPES) for near-realtime users. To receive near-realtime products contact the Ozone Product Area Lead or the ESPC Operations Help Desk.

The products in binary format are archived at CLASS, accumulated in monthly datasets available within 3 days after each new month.

Latest N19 Total Ozone from Daily Product

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