NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

Retrieval Parameters, Metop 2: 12-24 Z

The IASI instrument on Metop-A (M2) ended operations early October 15, 2021. IASI data and products from Metop-A will no longer update. This is the first step in the planned retirement of the Metop-A satellite on November 15, 2021.

IASI products from other Metop satellites are unaffected.

Currently, no good retrievals are being made from the ATOVS using the MetOp-A (MetOp-2) data due to the degradation of AMSU-A instrument data quality. However, the AMSU-A channel radiances (Brightness Temperatures) included in the ATOVS data file are not affected. The quality of the ATOVS Sounding products has decreased below specification. It is recommended that users should use the available sounding products with caution. We are investigating the problem and a decision will be made whether to terminate the affected ATOVS sounding products based on an upcoming assessment.


Total Precipitable Water Precipitation Flag Sea Surface Temperature Stability Departure
Total Precipitable Water Precip Flag SST Stability Departure
Lower Departure Upper Departure Tropopause Temperature Tropopause Pressure
Lower Departure Upper Departure Tropo Temp Tropo Pressure
Ozone Quality Flag Derived Skin Temperature Value
Ozone Quality Flag Derived Skin Temp Value

There are two time periods available for each group of data:
• Time period 1 covers from 00z to 12z of the current day.
• Time period 2 covers from 12z to 24z of the current day.

Note: There are 10 different retrieval parameters measured under RODF.