NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

MetOp-A Temperature and Moisture Soundings Profiles

The POES Temperature and Moisture Soundings Profiles are displayed in Skew-T Log-P diagram format. These diagrams include both the POES and the first guess (model data). Also included are several derived parameters to the right of each diagram. The POES thermal gradient winds (derived from the Soundings) are also displayed on the diagrams. The background image is generated from the AVHRR composite. Please select an area of interest from the regional map below.

Southern Central Pacific Ocean
data pskewt data image

G41R11 G41R12 G41R13 G41R14 G41R15 G41R16 G41R17 G41R18 G41R19 G41R21 G41R22 G41R23 G41R24 G41R25 G41R26 G41R27 G41R28 G41R29 G41R31 G41R32 G41R33 G41R34 G41R35 G41R36 G41R37 G41R38 G41R39
MetOp-A Regions
Continental U.S. Global
Northern West Russia Northern East Russia Alaska / Northern Canada Greenland / Northern East Canada
Europe Northern China /
South East Russia
Western U.S./
South West Canada
Eastern U.S./
South East Canada
Northern Africa / India Southern China Northern Central Pacific Ocean Eastern Mexico / Florida
Southern Africa / Madagascar Northern Australia / Indonesia Southern Central Pacific Ocean Central South America
Southern Africa Tip Southern Australia / New Zealand Southern Pacific Ocean Southern South America
Eastern Central Antarctica Eastern Antarctica Western Antarctica Western Central Antarctica