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Microwave Emissivity: Metop-2

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650 cm-1
23.8 cm-1
670 cm-1
31.4 cm-1
690 cm-1
50.3 cm-1
710 cm-1
52.8 cm-1
730 cm-1
89.0 cm-1
750 cm-1
150.0 cm-1
770 cm-1
183.3 cm-1
790 cm-1
N/A cm-1
820 cm-1
N/A cm-1
850 cm-1
N/A cm-1

There are two time periods available for each group of data:
• Time period 1 covers from 00Z to 12Z of the current day.
• Time period 2 covers from 12Z to 24Z of the current day.

The data are separated into the following groups:
• Other Parameters
• Microwave Emissivity - 50 levels of Microwave Emissivity Measurements