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NUCAPS Global Map

Vertical profiles of the Temperature and the Dew Point Temperature, known as sounding, are derived from the CrIS/ATMS onboard SNPP, and IASI on MetOp-A, and MetOp-B satellites and are displayed over the Extended U.S. Continental (CONUS) region using the Skew-T Log-P diagram. The background image is generated from the composite of geostationary satellites around the world which is a part of the image from the "global geostationary mosaic" and is refreshed every three hours. On the top of the page there are four selectable options for Country/State Borders in a white color; Gridlines for latitude and longitudes; GOES Cloud Composite Image for the back ground; and Hover Thumbnail Viewer for tracking soundings when you move the cursor. At the bottom of the page shows the color dots representing the age of the sounding. The color of each dot on the map represents the age of the sounding ranging from 0 to 24 hours with an increment of 1.7 hours. The most recent profile generated is less than 1.7 hours as shown by a red color and the oldest profile older than 24 hours is shown by a black color. The map is refreshed approximately every 30 minutes and the region is divided into 0.5° × 0.5° grid cells. Sounding selected for the grid point is the closest to the center of the grid cell. Once you click on any of the colored square so called grid point you will see a sounding page with a lot of information about the derived parameters in a table. The selected sounding will be the most recent one available for the grid cell. There are past 10 observations are retained at each grid cells. You may animate by clicking the start button on the top or navigate back and forth by clicking <> buttons. For detailed description about the parameters listed on the sounding page see INFO page link at the bottom of sounding page.

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