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This NOAA site will no longer provide GOES-East imagery. For access to high resolution GOES-East imagery from GOES-16, please go to the site: We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Global Vegetation Processing System (GVPS)

The Global Vegetation Processing System (GVPS) is designed to generate global vegetation health and vegetation fraction products based on weekly GVI data.

The GVPS delivers an integrated software application system that is capable of full automation in operation and provides customized user control through the application GUI towards the generation of real time weekly land surface NDVI, Green Vegetation Fraction (GVF), and vegetation health products. The primary product of this system is GVF. The secondary products are drought mornitoring indices including weekly Vegetation Condition Index (VCI), Temperature Condition Index (TCI), and Vegetation-Temperature Index (VTI) or the so-called Vegetation Health (VH) Index. Other intermediate products include Smoothed NDVI (SMN) and Smoothed Temperature (SMT). The data and images are available for regions of interest.