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Request for new Coral Bleaching Virtual Station locations

The NESDIS Coral Reef Monitoring Team welcomes collaborations with reef managers and other interested parties as we work to quantify the effect of thermal stress on coral reefs around the world.  Resources are limited, however, so we may not be able to add every site.  We are looking for sites which are regularly monitored for bleaching and especially for contact people at those sites who will fill out a Reefbase coral bleaching report if bleaching occurs.

The form below to register your interest in participating in the NESDIS Coral Reef Monitoring project is fairly lengthy, but is intended to cover some of the same material that we request when receiving a coral bleaching report.  If you are already registered with us you will not have to re-enter this information later if you fill out a bleaching report.

If you have more than one site, please submit separate forms, but you can leave answers blank if they are identical to a previous site (indicate the "previous site" in the "Other Comments" section)

Thank you!

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Geographic Description (i.e., name of reef, island, state, territory, country, ocean) of site you would like on the Indices Page and the benefits you anticipate from having the site included on the page:

Latitude/Longitude boundaries (if large region):
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with units in: Degrees Degrees Seconds Minutes

Latitude/Longitude (if small region): Center: with units in: Degrees
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Lat/lon method:

Current on-site surveyed Area (m2):

Area measurement method: Instrumental Visual

Depth range over which on-site monitoring occurs (m): Shallow end
Deep end

Locators, buoys, benchmarks or landmarks:

Current on-site bleaching survey measurement method(s): Quadrats Transects Video 35mm photography-reef surface 35mm photography-colonies Aerial photography
Qualitative diver observations/measurements WBST method (McField, 1999) Viewed/photographed from aircraft Viewed from boat/ship

Method Specifics: (i.e., If quadrats are used, specify number and size of each. If transects, specify number and length. If video, specify distance above the reef, length surveyed and time. If diver observations or, please describe. If viewed from aircraft, indicate altitude.

Species (Latin or local names) or coral types (head, branching, soft) currently monitored on-site:

Comments on current state of corals:

Monitoring Protocol: ReefCheck CARICOMP GCRMN AGRRA USEPA/CRMP Other Not Routinely Monitored Don't Know

Instrumentation on-site: Thermographs Current Meters AnemometersRadiometers Other Don't know/not applicable

Please indicate place and depths/elevations (m) of instrumentation.

Available Meteorological Data: PAR UV Winds Air Temperature Other
Don't know/not applicable

Is reef sampled regularly to document specific conditions? Check all that apply: Seawater salinity (due to excessive runoff or evaporation) Seawater delta18O Seawater turbidity
Seawater color Cyanobacteria blooms (as hindsight estimate of eutrophication)
Coral tissue (histopathology/disease documentation).

Description of local conditions (may be seasonal), which have been coincident with bleaching in the past. (i.e., include upwelling, currents, weather conditions, etc.):

Description of any known anthropogenic stress in the area (population of people and proximity to reef, tourism season and load, recreational use of reefs such as boating, diving, line fishing and
spear fishing, commercial use of reefs such as fishing, shipping and other industry):

Proximity of reef to point-source discharges and description (chemical, sewage, river/estuary, etc).

Anthropogenic destruction within the last year: Groundings Sinkings Anchors
Debris Fishing gear/lines Dredging Blasting Other Don't Know

Specify dates of destruction:

Other Comments:

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