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MODIS / Aqua Chesapeake Bay Products

The MODIS/Aqua NIR ocean color products are derived by using the NASA L2gen SeaDAS codes based on Near-Infrared (NIR) atmospheric correction algorithm. The products include chlorophyll concentration and remote sensing reflectance at 667 nm.

Chlorophyll concentration provides an estimate of the live phytoplankton biomass in the surface layer. It is also referred to as the amount of the green pigment chlorophyll.

Daily Mean (w/Granules)  |  Monthly Mean

Chlorophyll Concentration (Chl-a): Monthly Mean
Month A
Month B
Month C
Chesapeake Bay (CY)
PbiMonth_ModisAquaCYChlA Day 0
PbiMonth_ModisAquaCYChlA Day 1
PbiMonth_ModisAquaCYChlA Day 2