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Marine Pollution Surveillance Program

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Marine Pollution Surveillance Reports The Marine Pollution Surveillance Program provides satellite-based analyses for oil spill incidences declared by the National Ocean Service's Emergency Response Division (ERD) as well as routinely monitors U.S. coastal waters and approaches for any anomalous features in satellite imagery that are believed to have resulted from an accidental or intentional crude oil discharge. Marine Pollution Surveillance Reports (MPSRs) are created using available moderate to high resolution optical imagery and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Optical imagery that is routinely scanned includes MODIS Terra and Aqua (NASA, 250m resolution, daily revisit), NPP VIIRS (NOAA/NASA, 375m resolution, daily revisit), Sentinel-2A/B (ESA/ Copernicus, 10m resolution, 5 or 10 day revisit) and Landsat7/8 (USGS, 30m resolution, 16 day revisit). SAR imagery that is routinely scanned includes Sentinel-1A/B (ESA/ Copernicus, 5 x 5m - 25 x 100m resolution, 6 or 12 day revisit).

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Sample Marine Pollution Surveillance Report

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