Topic: GOES-17 ABI L1b Data Flow through GOES Rebroadcast (GRB)

Date/Time Issued: M-BAugust 17, 2018 1340 UTC

Product(s) or Data Impacted: GOES-17 ABI L1b data distributed through GRB

Date/Time of Initial Impact: M-BAugust 28, 2018 at approximately 1500 UTC

Date/Time of Expected End: M-BN/A

Length of Event: M-BN/A

Details/Specifics of Change: NESDIS is preparing to release the GOES-17 Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) Level 1b data through GRB, pending review panel approval from the Beta Maturity Peer Stakeholder - Product Validation Review scheduled on August 27, 2018. The exact date and timing of the data release will be provided after the review is held.

NOAA's GOES-17 satellite has not been declared operational and its data are preliminary and undergoing testing. Users receiving these data through any dissemination means M-B(including, but not limited to, PDA and GRB) assume all risk related to their use of GOES-17 data and NOAA disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including (without limitation) any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. M-B

There will be occasional interruptions to the flow while various post-launch tests occur and those interruptions will be communicated through the GRB forum distribution list.

The GOES-17 ABI bands perform differently during the day and during certain seasons. Channel availability will fluctuate seasonally depending on the amount of solar radiation absorbed by the instrument. During the instrumentM-bM-^@M-^Ys M-bM-^@M-^\coolM-bM-^@M-^] seasons (near the summer and winter solstice), all channels are expected to be available 24 hours per day. During the instrumentM-bM-^@M-^Ys M-bM-^@M-^\warmM-bM-^@M-^] seasons (before and after the vernal and autumnal equinox), experts estimate 7 channels (bands 1-7) will be available 24 hours per day and the other 9 channels (bands 8-16) will be saturated and images will be degraded or unusable 2-6 hours per night. These estimates are preliminary and are still being refined. The warmest part of the season is coming up in early September and performance estimates will need to be confirmed through observation during that time.

Additional, more technical information can be found at the following website:

A notification will be sent when the data is considered Provisionally Mature and suitable for operational use after further testing and validation. Snapshots of the imagery are currently being posted on the NESDIS website (, Facebook (, and Twitter (


Contact Information for Further Information: OSPO User Services at


Web Site(s) for applicable information:

See for this and other satellite related messages. See for ABI specific information.


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