Topic: GOES-15 Visible Calibration Update for the Month of October 2018

Date/Time Issued: October 09, 2018 1730Z

Product(s) or Data Impacted: All products from visible channel

Date/Time of Initial Impact: October 09, 2018 0930Z

Date/Time of Expected End: Until Next Month's Coefficient Update

Length of Outage: N/A

Details and Specifics of Change:

On 09 October 2018, the following update of the calibration coefficients, based on post-launch vicarious calibration at NOAA/NESDIS/STAR, was implemented for the Imager visible channel of GOES-15 at 0930Z. These coefficients are intended to be optimal on 23 October, two weeks after the implementation date.

This notification no longer includes updates to the Imager visible channel calibration coefficients for GOES-13, since GOES-13 is no longer GOES-EAST.


The following update of the calibration coefficients, based on post-launch vicarious calibration at NOAA/NESDIS/STAR, is recommended for the currently operational GOES-15 Imager visible channel. These coefficients are expected to be implemented on the second Tuesday of the Update Month listed below and optimal on the fourth Tuesday of the Update Month (in the middle of the two scheduled updates).

Satellite: GOES-15
Update Month: October
Update Year: 2018
Current post-launch calibration coefficient: 1.56457
Date: 2018268000000000
Previous post-launch calibration coefficient: 1.56008

Date: 2018240000000000
Initial calibration coefficient: 1.0
Initial calibration date: 2001114000000000

Some definitions:

The date format is: YYYYDDDHHMMSSmmm, where YYYY = year, DDD = day of the year, HH = hour, MM = minute, SS = seconds,

mmm = msec.

The coefficient provided is a gain that is to be applied to the Visible channel counts-to-radiance conversion

Op_R = Coefficient * Pre_R

where Pre_R is pre-launch gain for the channel and Op_R is the new gain -- the gain after the coefficient listed as

"Current post-launch calibration coefficient" is applied.

The initial coefficient has been normalized to 1.0 for the purposes of this post-launch calibration.

Contact Person(s) Name/Email/Phone Number for Questions:
Paul Douglas,, desk phone 301-817-4031operations support
Xiangqian Wu <> 301-763-8136 x 138 instrument scientist

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Contact Information for Further Information: ESPC Operations at at 301-817-3880 and/or other contacts as necessary

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