Update #1 - Final Update: The LUT Vendor found that there was a reoccurring issue with the Power and Communications to the Antenna Control Unit (ACU). A faulty Network Port to the ACU was replaced and Florida 2 returned to Normal Operations on March 18, 2019 at 1414Z. Florida 2 was subsequently monitored for eight consecutive satellite passes to ensure location accuracy.

Topic:SARSAT Florida 2 Low Earth (LEO) Ground Station Offline

Date/Time Issued: March 19, 2019 003Z

Product(s) or Data Impacted: SARSAT alert data

Date/Time of Initial Impact: March 02, 2019 1330Z

Date/Time of Expected End: March 18, 2019 1414Z

Length of Outage: 16 days, 0 hours, 44 minutes

Details/Specifics of Change: Florida 2 LEO Ground Station in Miami, FL stopped receiving alert data. The LUT vendor is investigating.

Impact: Minor - Dual satellite tracking capability lost. Distress alert detection/reporting may be delayed.

Contact Information for Further Information: USMCC Operations usmcc@noaa.gov at

Web Site(s) for applicable information: N/A

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