Update #1: This morning, at 0700Z, all JASON-3 core mission instruments were restarted. Jason-3 is now out of Safe Hold. OGDR production has resumed.

Topic: Jason 3 Error Message

Date/Time Issued: April 12, 2019 1325Z

Product(s) or Data Impacted: Orbit 15052 and 15053

Date/Time of Initial Impact: April 06, 2019 2324Z

Date/Time of Expected End: April 12, 2019 0716Z

Length of Event:
5 days 9 hours and 27 minutes

Details/Specifics of Change: On Jason3 Rev 15052 at US2, we got positive indication that Jason3 was in Safe Hold Mode after switching to low rate. We initiated the Safe Hold Mode recovery procedure and completed the command JA3_TC_Safe_Mode_Recovery_Beginning_2016_09_28_00 in step mode, and received the two expected blue bars indicating Mass Memory Read complete.

Per the procedure, we paused before initiating the next step due to having less than 3 minutes command time remaining before LOS at 23:43:40z, and we will complete the recovery procedure on the next Rev 15053 at US2, AOS 01:17:50z, starting with the command JA3_TC_Emergency_Patches_for_SHM_part1_2017_09_01_00_00_00.

Jason 3 AET reports, Completed Usingen rev 15053 for Jason3 with phone coordination with CNES executed SHM emergency patches part 1 and 2. Also executed 2 readFDTM tcs and the enaFDTM tc. Attached is the SHM health status page.

Contact Information for Further Information: ESPC Operations at ESPCOperations@noaa.gov and 301-817-3880

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