Update #2: The NDE System Upgrade has been re-scheduled for June 4, 2019

Update #1: This is a 2 week reminder notice for the NDE System UpgradeM-BM-B

Topic: NDE System Upgrade


Date/Time Issued: May 22, 2019 1435Z


Product(s) or Data Impacted: M-BAll NDE products


Date/Time of Initial Impact: M-BJune 4, 2019 TBD


Date/Time of Expected End: June 4, 2019 TBD


Length of Outage: M-BM-BTBD


Details/Specifics of Change:

Install NDE release 2.0.17

This installation is planned to be done during back orbits. NDE will not be ingesting, processing or distributing data during installation.M-B No data loss expected, but there will be a possible backlog of processing when installation is complete.

Algorithm changes are as follows:

NOAA-20 Vegetation Health Products - 1km

With this implementation and update, the VHP-1km shortnames will remain the same as GVH1km_FINAL_WEEKLY_SM and GVH1km_FINAL_WEEKLY_VH; and the product file names will be GVH1000mFinalSM[VH]_v2r01_j01_*.nc.

SNPP Land Surface Temperature/Land Surface Albedo

With this implementation and update, VIIRS LST/LSA products will be produced from SNPP. PDA shortnames will be JPSSRR_LST and JPSSRR_SurfAlb; and product file names will be LST_v1r0_npp_*.nc and SURFALB_v1r0_npp_*.nc.


NOAA-20 VIIRS Imagery EDRs tailored for IMS regions

NOAA-20 VIIRS Imagery I1, I2, I3, I5 and NCC EDRs tailored for three Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System (IMS) regions (Asia, North America and Polar North)

Please note: This upgrade will not be performed during Critical Weather Day (CWD). M-B


Additionally, the contents of this release are subject to change based on user readiness, customer feedback, and management approval.M-B Additional ESPC notifications will provide further details and updates concerning this release. User feedback and questions should be emailed to Shuang Qiu shuang.qiu@noaa.gov.

Contact Information: M-BFor information on the status of this work, please contact Shuang Qiu shuang.qiu@noaa.gov or ESPC Operations at ESPCOperations@noaa.gov or 301-817-3880

Web Site(s) for applicable information: N/A


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