Topic:M-B Operational Implementation of the CrIS Polarization Correction on January 29, 2020


Date/Time Issued:M-B M-BJanuary 14, 2020 1615 UTC


Product(s) or Data Impacted:M-B CrIS SDR BUFR products

PDA short names for the datasets are as follows:



Satellite(s) Involved:M-B M-BS-NPP and NOAA-20


Instrument (s) Involved: M-BCross-track Infrared Sounder


Date/Time of Initial Impact: January 29, 2020 1200 UTC

Impacts on Users and Significance:M-B The CrIS polarization correction is small with the largest impact on cold brightness temperatures at short wavelengths. The impact on average could be ~0.05 K, ~0.1 K, and ~0.2 K for CrIS three bands, Longwave, Midwave, and Shortwave respectively.

Date/Time of Expected End:M-B N/A

Length of Outage: M-BN/A

Details/Specifics of Change:M-B The CrIS polarization correction will be implemented as a part of IDPS Block 2.1 maintenance release Mx8 on January 29, 2020. This will have a small change for cold brightness temperatures at short wavelengths.


Contact Information for Further Information: Awdhesh Sharma at and 301-683-3229,ESPC Operations at and 301-817-3880, and User Services at SPSD.Userservices@noaa.govM-B


Web Site(s) for applicable information:

As part of the Scientific Evaluation of the Polarization Correction Activities, 3-months of SNPP and NOAA-20 CrIS SDR data in BUFR format was generated. The data is available at:


PLoff = CrIS Polarization Correction Off.

PLon = CrIS Polarization Correction On.

The period of the data is from 2018-305 to 2019-030.