Topic: JPSS Algorithm Updates in IDPS Block 2.2 Maintenance Release Mx1 Transition To Operations

Date/Time Issued: June 24, 2020  2035 UTC

Product(s) or Data Impacted:  S-NPP/NOAA-20 VIIRS Imagery EDRs & OMPS SDRs

Date/Time of Initial Impact: July 27, 2020 TBD UTC

Date/Time of Expected End: July 27, 2020 TBD UTC

Length of Outage: N/A

Details/Specifics of Change: 

The next Interface Data Processing Segment (IDPS) Block 2.2 maintenance release Mx1 (IDPS Mx I2.2.01.00) is scheduled to transition to operations on July 27, 2020.   

Algorithm updates for IDPS Block 2.2 Mx 1 are listed below:

Terrain Corrected Geo-locations for VIIRS Imagery EDRs 

The VIIRS ellipsoid-based Imagery EDR will be discontinued and replaced with the VIIRS Terrain Corrected (TC)-based Imagery. VIIRS Imagery EDRs will not display shifts in the absolute locations of features with Terrain Corrected geo-locations. No actions are required by users. VIIRS Imagery EDRs and geolocation filenames and PDA short names are unchanged.

Improved OMPS SDR Quality

This update removes the snow/ice and QST tile use from the OMPS SDRs and changes how sun glint is computed by adding a new LUT for surface type information.  The changes to inputs are relatively minor as they are internal to the algorithm.  Users would  only see minor differences in data values or metadata.

Product Termination

IDPS will stop producing the following products:

CrIS-SDR (CrIS normal spectral resolution SDR)


VIIRS-Aeros-Opt-Thick-IP (VIIRS Aerosol Optical Thickness IP)

VIIRS-Cd-Opt-Prop-IP (VIIRS Cloud Optical Properties IP)

VIIRS-Parx-Corr-CM-IP (VIIRS Parallax Corrected Cloud Mask IP)

OMPS-TC-Oz-Fst-Guess-IP (OMPS Nadir Total Column Ozone First Guess IP)

Please note: This release will not occur during a Critical Weather Day (CWD).

The contents of this release are subject to change based on user readiness, customer feedback, and management approval. Additional ESPC notifications may provide further details and updates concerning this release.  

Sample data may be assessed at the following location (   Any user feedback and questions should be sent by July 13, 2020 to Shuang Qiu at

Contact Information:  For information on the status of this work please ESPC Operations at or 301-817-3880


Web Site(s) for applicable information: N/A


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