Topic: NDE System Upgrade

Date/Time Issued: August 24, 2020 2010 UTC

Product(s) or Data Impacted:  All NDE products

Date/Time of Initial Impact:  September 23, 2020 TBD UTC

Date/Time of Expected End: September 23, 2020 TBD UTC

Length of Outage: 2.5 hours

Details/Specifics of Change: 

This installation of NDE release 2.0.25 is planned to occur during back orbits. NDE will not be ingesting, processing or distributing data during installation. No data loss is expected, but there will be a possible backlog of processing when installation is complete.

New products included in this release are:


GOES-17 Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) Satellite Cloud Product (SCP) will be generated hourly using the GOES-17 pixel level cloud products derived from the GOES-R cloud algorithms (Optimal Estimation) ABI data. The SCP product includes Cloud Cover, Cloud Top Height, and Effective Cloud Amount at middle (631-400mb) and high (above 400mb) layers of the atmosphere.  The product files are listed below in the table:


Please note that this implementation will include the FFS (prefix) also known as super header of 19 bytes that is required for NCO distribution for both GOES-16 and GOES-17 ASOS SCP products. NCO will deliver the data to AWIPS and others. The current data format has not been changed and does not include the QC fields, and we will make a decision for including the QC fields later.



Product Short Name

Product File Name (TXT)











VIIRS I-Band Active Fires:

The VIIRS I-Band Active Fires products include the geolocation and Fire Radiative Power (FRP) of pixels for which fires are detected, and a full mask consisting of a two-dimensional array of values representing fire and other relevant thematic classes (e.g., cloud) of each pixel in a swath data granule globally over all land and water surface types. This product has higher resolution (375m) compared with the current operational VIIRS and Active Fires (750m). The product files are listed below:

Product Short Name

Product File Name







Please note: This upgrade will not be performed during Critical Weather Day (CWD).

Also, the contents of this release are subject to change based on user readiness, customer feedback, and management approval. 

Additional ESPC notifications will provide further details and updates concerning this release.  User feedback and questions should be directed to Shuang Qiu

Contact Information: For information on the status of this work, please contact Shuang Qiu or ESPC Operations at or 301-817-3880

Web Site(s) for applicable information: N/A

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