Topic: Product Anomaly GOES-17 - Intermittent degradation of ABI L1b, L2 and derived products delivered to PDA
Date/Time Issued: Jul 1, 2021 2315Z
Product or Data Impacted: GOES-17 - Intermittent degradation of ABI L1b, L2 and derived products
Date/Time of Initial Impact: Jul 1, 2021 2150Z
Date/Time of Expected End: Jul 1, 2021 2210Z
Length of the Outage/Event: 20 minutes
Details/Specifics of Change: Intermittent degradation observed in GOES-17 ABI L1b and L2 CMI (FD, CONUS, Meso) and derived products delivered to PDA between 2150Z and 2204Z, likely due to severe thunderstorms in Suitland, MD.  The following products and bands were affected:

2150Z FD, Bands 1-6, 9-13, 15
2156Z CONUS, Bands 1-6, 9, 11-13
2158Z Meso-2, Bands 1-6, 9, 12-13
2159Z Meso-2, Bands 1-6, 9, 11-13
2200Z FD, All Bands
2200Z Meso-1, All Bands
2201Z CONUS, All Bands
2201Z Meso-1, All Bands
2204Z Meso-1, Band 13
2210Z All products nominal

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