Correction: Missing NOAA 20 OMPS Data - Issued July 01, 2021 1935Z

TopicMissing NOAA 20 OMPS data 

Date/Time IssuedJuly 1, 2021 2352Z

Product(s) or Data ImpactedAll NOAA 20 OMPS products

Date/Time of Initial ImpactJuly 1, 2021  1720Z

Date/Time of Expected End July 1, 2021  18

Length of Outage1 Hour, 37 Mins

Details/Specifics of Change:  During NOAA20 SVL 18747 (AOS 171149z), a loss of telemetry occurred during the support which led to a delay in the upload of the weekly OMPS daily activity schedule. As a result, the OMPS instrument daily activity schedule (command stored memory) was not reactivated before the loss of signal and remained off for one orbit. This resulted in a loss of NOAA20 OMPS data that is unrecoverable. The OMPS instrument daily activity schedule command stored memory was activated/restarted to normal as soon as contact was established on NOAA-20 SVL 18748 (AOS 185459Z) contact.