Update #2:The C3S string transition from C-String to A-String was completed this afternoon at 19:15z with no major issues.  There was no data loss within the transition window and there were no T&C issues encountered

Update #1: The C-to-A string transition is currently underway and we are using the first back orbit times.  Please note that access to the IDMZ and associated tools will not be available until after the transition is completed.

Topic: Transition of NSOF Operations from C-String to A-String


Date/Time Issued: July 23 , 2021 2021Z


Product(s) or Data Impacted:  Real-time Data and End User Data Products (Latency)

Date/Time of Initial Impact (Primary):  July 23, 2021 13:56:00z (JDAY 204)

Date/Time of Expected End (Primary): July 23, 2021 18:34:00z (JDAY 204)

Date/Time of Initial Impact (Backup):  July 27, 2021 14:20:00z (JDAY 208)

Date/Time of Expected End (Backup): July 27, 2021 18:58:00z (JDAY 208)


Start of Window (GMT)

End of Window (GMT)

Data Sync OFF

Data Sync ON


7/23/2021 13:56:00

7/23/2021 15:15:00

7/23/2021 12:26:00

7/23/2021 15:15:00


7/23/2021 15:35:00

7/23/2021 16:55:00

7/23/2021 14:05:00

7/23/2021 16:55:00


7/23/2021 17:12:00

7/23/2021 18:34:00

7/23/2021 15:42:00


7/23/2021 18:34:00






Contingency – Primary

7/27/2021 14:20:00

7/27/2021 15:41:00

7/27/2021 12:50:00

7/27/2021 15:41:00

Contingency – Secondary

7/27/2021 15:59:00

7/27/2021 17:20:00

7/27/2021 14:29:00

7/27/2021 17:20:00

Contingency - Tertiary

7/27/2021 17:37:00

7/27/2021 18:58:00

7/27/2021 16:07:00

7/27/2021 18:58:00


Length of Outage:   Approximately 1.5 - 2 hours per transition opportunity


Details/Specifics of Change:  The purpose of this notice is to inform multi-mission segments of the plan to move the JPSS Common Ground System, Command, Control, and Communications operations for the JPSS constellation from the CBU string to the A string on July 23rd, 2021. A backup date for this activity has been scheduled for July 27th, 2021 in the event the first attempt needs to be waived.  NPP, N20, DMSP and GCOM-W1 missions may experience data latency during this transition. 

Contact Information for Further Information: ESPC Operations at ESPCOperations@noaa.gov and 301-817-3880

Web Site(s) for applicable information: N/A
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