Topic: Copernicus Third Party Data,GDS-JPSS,GDS-Metop-A,GDS-Metop-B,GDS-Metop-C

Date/Time Issued: October 14, 2021 0920Z
Product or Data Impacted:   See message below

Date/Time of Initial Impact: October 14, 2021 0345Z  (from the alert message)

Date/Time of Expected End: TBD
Length of the Outage:   TBD
Details/Specifics of Change:   Due to a ground segment anomaly, products from the listed services where likely to be impacted (either unavailable or delayed). The issue has been corrected and the services are recovering. This announcement is additional to the mission specific announcements that were released already.   

AVHRR Level 1 - Metop-A
SEM L0 - Metop-A
AMSU-A Level 1 - Metop-A
MHS Level 1 - Metop-A
HIRS Level 1 - Metop-A
IASI Level 1 - Metop-A
ASCAT Level 1 - Metop-A
GRAS Level 1 - Metop-A
ATOVS Sounding products - Metop-A
GOME-2 Level 1 - Metop-A
IASI Sounding Products - Metop-A
ASCAT Soil Moisture - Metop-A
AVHRR Polar Winds - Metop-A
Multi-Sensor Products - Metop-A
SEM L0 - Metop-B
AVHRR Level 1 - Metop-B
MHS Level 1 - Metop-B
AMSU-A Level 1 - Metop-B
HIRS Level 1 - Metop-B
ASCAT Level 1 - Metop-B
IASI Level 1 - Metop-B
GRAS Level 1 - Metop-B
GOME-2 Level 1 - Metop-B
ATOVS Sounding products - Metop-B
Multi-Sensor Products - Metop-B
ASCAT Soil Moisture - Metop-B
IASI Sounding Products - Metop-B
AVHRR Polar Winds - Metop-B
SEM L0 - Metop-C
ATOVS sounding products - Metop-C
AVHRR Level 1 - Metop-C
AMSU-A Level 1 - Metop-C
IASI Sounding products- Metop-C
ASCAT Soil Moisture - Metop-C
AVHRR Polar winds - Metop-C
MHS Level 1 - Metop-C
Multi-sensor Products - Metop-C
ASCAT Level 1 - Metop-C
GOME-2 Level 1 - Metop-C
IASI Level 1 - Metop-C
GRAS Level 1 - Metop-C
Multi-Metop Wind Products
AMSU-A Level 1 - NOAA
MHS Level 1 - NOAA
AVHRR Level 1 - NOAA
HIRS Level 1 - NOAA
ATOVS Sounding products - NOAA
ATMS Level 1 - Suomi-NPP
CrlS Level 1 - Suomi-NPP
ATMS Level 1 - JPSS
CrIS Level 1 - JPSS
Jason-3 OGDR
AC SAF - Products
ROM SAF - Products
GOES Products
NRT Altimetry LR L2 Products - S6A
NRT Microwave AMR L2 Products - S6A
STC Altimetry LR L2 Products - S6A
STC Microwave AMR L2 Products - S6A
STC Altimetry LR L1B Products - S6A
Atmospheric Products-Suomi NPP
Marine Products-Suomi NPP
SNPP - JPSS Copernicus data

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